Monday, January 12, 2009


the world officially hates me today... my DVR failed to record the Bachelor. GAH.

luckily, there is still The City...
  • Whitney was refreshingly awkward with that Chris guy - like, on various occassions
  • how heinously fabulously bitchy is Olivia? i probably shouldn't but i kinda dig it.

ooo and its been completely slipping my mind to give one hundred thanks to Good Gals for giving me the New Years Award! she's such a sweetie and she just won big bucks in Tunica so hop on over and wish her CONGRATS! since i am beat down by the world tonight, i shall refer you all back to this post in lieu of using my brain anymore. kisses!


  1. I'm jealous!! The City hasn't started here yet... I can't wait!

    The Hills finally returned though, so I got to see whether Audrina chose Cory or Justin and Spencer being his usual obnoxious self... why oh why do I love this programme so much?!

    Sorry to hear about your cottage. Hopefully you'll find a home soon that's even nicer.

    Saskia x

  2. Good show to be obsessed with, but I'm trying to pitch to MTV my idea for Audrina's spin-off show. We have The Hills, The we need The Trailer. You can definitely write some of the episodes.

  3. You can watch the Bachelor on I love to catch up on shows on my lunch hour. Its too cold outside to leave my office so I just bring my lunch and watch a show. Its perfect!


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