Thursday, January 8, 2009

soul sistas

my adorable bachelorette invites and Jill's shoe plea got me in the mood for some virtual window shopping...

{from Nordstrom}

... how many pairs of embellished shoes is too many? like seven? or, twenty-two, maybe?


  1. ok seriously, can we grab a glass of wine (or perhaps mojito) at la duni on northpark and then you take me shopping because you have AMAZING taste

    P.S. i will be answering your question on my blog today :)

  2. You can NEVEr have enough shoes!

  3. too many shoes!? is there such a thing? all so fun!

    love the bach party invite - so very cute!

  4. OMGosh Kate. I want those gold shoes you put in the top left corner...they are screaming wedding ceremony to me. (my dress is light gold) =)

  5. forgot to ask...did you watch damages? going to be such a good season!

  6. omg i saw those shoes on the bottom right last night and was like "hmm, can i get away with THOSE for my wedding?" but jake and i are the same height so it was a no go, he'd kill me. sigh!


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