Tuesday, January 6, 2009

things i think about

chai tea is delicious. why did i not know this?

i have always suspected that the night cleaning crew chintzs on the vacuuming... my suspiscions have been confirmed by an experiment performed yesterday in which i left an impressive pile of sweater-pill-fuzzballs scattered about near my trashcan. this morning = fuzzballs remain even though trash is empty. scandal.

i wish i had Amanda Seyfried's hair in Mama Mia... or that i lived on a fictional Greek island... or that my life was one big coreographed ABBA marathon. whichever is easier.


  1. i watched mamma mia again this weekend and then tried to make my hair look like hers the next morning. ridiculous. not even close. :(

  2. Gah, thank you for the Mamma Mia reminder. Shamefully, I still haven't seen it, despite the Firth-Brosnan duo of perfection.

    Oh, and fear not about the thinking - I've spent most of my time recently wishing to be a fictional teenage vampire (and thank you for the other book recommendations, by the way), so the Greek Island, ABBA-themed bit strikes me as normal by comparison.

  3. I can't get my hair to do anything I want... I don't even want to think about what it would be like if I tried to romantically wave it like that!

    Saskia x

    PS My award post is up!

  4. mmmm chai tea! why do i always forget about that when i'm at starbucks? and this is ridiculous but i really need to see mamma mia...

  5. next time you're at starbucks get chai with soy milk and no water. its even better that way. during the holidays you can add a pump of pumpkin spice to make it extra, extra tasty.

  6. I love her hair. I could live in a fictional Greek island, and you know, randomly bust out in Abba songs as well. Ah, the good life.

    And, the cleaning crew doesn't vaccum? Yikes. Mine, apperently leaves Kleenex on my desk (which I found this morning). YUCK!

  7. Oh, I definitely want her hair, too. Also, after seeing the movie, my best friend and I realized that our lives are not NEARLY choreographed enough.


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