Monday, January 19, 2009

things i think about...

out of all the crappy bands from the early-90s, why is it Ace of Base i hear at least once a week on the radio? i mean, they are terrible (terribly awesome, yes, but terrible nonetheless).

i would think Vanilla Ice would get more play than Ace of Base. just sayin'.


  1. i think this was the 4th CD i ever owned!

  2. confession: SEVERAL songs on this CD are currently on my running mix that I listen to EVERYDAY at the gym

    Screen Door: we didn't get to go!!!!! they called and told us our reservation was cancelled because of a large party so instead we have reservations for this Saturday night...i was BUMMED! But at least we went and saw gran torino which was awesome!

    and next week for sure!!!! I am open any evening so let me know what works for you and we can meet up for coffee or something!!


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