Thursday, January 22, 2009

what might have been...

SMP is featuring a wedding today with "The First Dress"... i love seeing how it looks in real life - especially since i have never seen my actual dress featured anywhere - not online, not in magazines, not on AS's website - nuttin' (which i actually really love - i can pretend to be oh-so-original!) - but its fun to see a dress you almost ended up with on real brides.

gladly, every time i see the almost-dress, i am 764% happy with my decision! not because the almost-dress looks terrible - its very floaty and lovely - but my dress is so much more ME.

6 days until my first fitting - yay!


  1. i felt the same way when i saw it this morning. i like the black touches on it and they adjusted the neckline a little bit, right? i loved that dress, but my waist is my favorite body part and it didn't do anything to show it off. :) gotta flaunt the good parts, right?

  2. that must be a good feeling-- to know that you made the right dress choice.


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