Monday, February 23, 2009

astronomy: hollywood-style

ahhhh Oscar night: how i love thee! lucky for me, the stars were out in droves last night (recession? pish-posh!). as fabulous company, delicious nibbles, and bubbly... well, bubbly prevented me from another awards show play-by-play, i give you some residual thoughts on the 81st Academy Awards:

The Gowns: loved Marisa Tomei, Anne Hathaway, and Tina Fey. all three are total "duhs" according to the smattering of Best Dressed Lists this morning.

Versace Artilier Zac Posen
Armani Prive

however, my other two favorites were met with mixed reviews: i adored SJP in Dior Haute Couture - i thought it was old hollywood glamour and Carrie Bradshaw all wrapped up into one decadent cupcake of a gown.

also loved me some Amy Adams in Carolina Herrera - i heard some peeps had issues with (a) the red hair on red dress issue, and (b) the bold necklace... i thought both we superb and brave choices - plus, she's just so damn positive and buoyant looking all the time - how can you hate on AA?

sadly, i was totally distraught by two of my all-time favorite girl-crushes: Kate Winslet and Reese Witherspoon... weird cuts / unflattering / somewhat marmish... boo x2.

The Awards... so thrilled by Kate and Sean's Best Actress and Actor Awards - also thrilled by each of their speeches (save when Sean Penn forgot to thank Robin Wright Penn... who should totally do a new movie like, yesterday - love her). was tired of the Slumdog buzz by the end of the evening, especially all the shots of Dev Patel who appeared like a 6 year old all hyped up on Mountain Dew. loved, loved, loved the new presentation style of all the acting awards - with the 5 previous winners delivering a personal message to each nominee - especially elated when Sir Anthony presented to Brad Pitt - Non-Sexual Grandpa Crush Numero Uno. hopefully that little gig continues (although maybe let's not ask Sofia Loren to present anymore - children across the world cried out in horror at the appearance of her melting flesh on their television screens). also enjoyed the 5 minute Tony-crossover act... the Musical Theater Geek in me inwardly squealed with glee at the sashaying, sequin-clad chorus line (until the tweens from HSM showed up, but whatevs, i'll take what i can get).

The Snark... i left most of my bitchiness with the rest of my spanakopita at Maggie's, but i will say this about f*ing Brangelina... get your heads out of your own asses! when you won't even pause to chat with my Dream Gay Boyfriend Tim Gunn, you're officially on my shit-list. i don't care how gorgeous your litter of children are or how many millions you give to charity - be gracious for like 5 seconds, not on your own time. oh, and AJ, your ring looks like a ring-pop.

more weekend recap coming soon...


  1. Don't even get me started on Brad and Angelina..seriously can't stand them. they're just so damn pretentious!

  2. Still pissy about the Tim Gunn snub here as well.

  3. I completely agree with your favorite dresses! Though I would have liked to see a little less of SJP's tatas and I don't understand the praise that I've heard for Kate Winslet's dress.

  4. You know I'm with you on most of this, particularly the GBF Tim Gunn / Brangelina awfulness. Don't you mess with my man!!!

    It's a tossup between Fey, Henson, and Winslet (I myself adored her look) on my best dressed list. I might give it to Fey because she stepped it up about 4,000 notches from her usual awards show appearances. Oh, and because she kicks ass.

  5. brangelina kills me. i thought SJP looked great, too, and loved taraji henson's dress.

    and i always think that amy adams can do no wrong.

    hugh jackman was wonderful. i could have done without beyonce. i loved the way they presented the acting categories-- very touching for the nominees. and sweet anne hathaway crying while shirley mcclain was speaking about her made me cry, too!

  6. Ahh!! I thought her ring looked like a Ring Pop too!! That's exactly what I said when I saw it.

    I thought Amy Adams looks divine, I loved the dress and the necklace was gorgeous. She's a young, fun, actress, I thought it fit her perfectly.

    And yes, sadtimes about Kate's look. Not her best... Sad...


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