Monday, February 9, 2009

bachelorette recap!

better late than never, right? had to wait until i could do the Big B Weekend justice!

so here we go...

Friday: i picked up my Matron of Honor, CSP - my best friend since we were 14 - from the airport after lunch. we had some time to spare until my Maid of Honor, RJB - my dearest friend from law school - arrived, so we enjoyed some Sprinkles and a manicure. then we met RJB at Hotel ZaZa - the hotel was a total surprise for me and it was perfect for a Bachelorette Party! supa-dupa-sexy! we got ready and went to Crush - my favorite Dallas wine bar - to meet my college roomie and fellow Dallasite SAI for a glass of wine. as my other gals - Millitini, JAJ, ELT, CEM (all my Wake girls) and HDH (my work be-fri) - got into town, they joined us for lots of vino and cheese! then we headed to Sangrias for tapas and sangria (um, duh). we called it an "early" night so all my little travelers could get some shut-eye (although another, um, several rounds of drinks were had by me and MOHx2 at ZaZa's Dragonfly).

CSP, Me, RJB, and HDH at Sangrias

ELT, Me, and JAJ
Saturday: Millitini, JAJ, their parentals, and ELT threw Evs and i the most amazing Stock the Bar Couples' Shower at JAJ's parents' home. Burger House was on call with their deliciously seasoning and our law school friends, college friends, and families mixed and mingled! and there were more Sprinkles cupcakes (2x in one weekend = awesomeness!). we received tons of fun gifts that will come in so handy when we "entertain" (ie: brick o' cheese + booze)!

Me and the Hostesses: ELT, JAJ, and Millitini, with the adorable gift from the hostesses!


More Hottie Hostess Action

one of the adorable centerpieces!

Me and the fabulous Millitini

opening gifts

all my gals!

after the shower, we picked up the bridesmaids dresses and popped on home for a little nap. then we all rendezvous'ed at the ZaZa for a little Sassy Lingerie Party. Dinner and drinks followed at Sambuca and then it was off to Ghostbar and Tribeca for Bigtime Dance Party!

Me and RJBoh yes, there will be penis straws

beer in the sink... classy!

SAI and CSP with ZaZa's "Passion Pack" and "Personal Oxygenizer" - only the necessities!

all my WFU gals!

ELT, Millitini, Me, and JAJ at the Lingerie Shower

Millitini and Me

in the lobby of the ZaZa

hoofin' it to Sambuca!

Asian Pear Martinis!

Me and CEM (and penis straws!)

Me and MOHx2
i truly have the best friends in the world and couldn't have dreamed up a better weekend!


  1. fuuun! and what gorgeous amigas!!!

  2. 1) The house sounds amazing. My fingers and toes are crossed for your new casa.
    2) The bridesmaid dresses are so pretty
    3) Love all the pics that I've now seen on fbook and the blogs! So fun. You gals are way too cute. Now I cant wait to see the wedding pics!!! It will be here soon :)
    (ps - hope you are totally recovered now!)

  3. Looks like yall had a blast!! Sooo fun! :)

  4. How fun!!! What a gorgeous and fun group of girls!

  5. I love your dresses! Looks like you had an awesome bach party!

  6. hahaha soo fun! the top picture is hysterically cute!

  7. we went to ghostbar for my bachelorette too. so fun. looks like you had a blast and i love all the pictures!

  8. looks like you guys had a blast!!!! I LOVE bachelorette parties!!!!


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