Wednesday, February 11, 2009


my wedding has been jealous before.

every so often, usually whilst flipping through an MS Weddings or aimlessly blog-browsing, my wedding will feel an annoying little twitch - "its so much prettier than me," my wedding inwardly exclaims! and then i feed my wedding a random cheese product, pour it a glass of pinot noir, let it try on my pretty marigold-marital shoes, and we're golden again.

but oh my. its never felt like this before. this is sheer envy. you know, anti-10-commandments-style. this wedding is kicking my wedding's ass.

my wedding needs goat cheese, stat. and an (4) asian pear martini(s). most thankfully, drinks and nibbles are on tap tonight with MM. phew.


  1. holy-mother-of-god-wedding-jealousy...

    i want it. i want it so badly. my wedding has never been so jealous in its life...

  2. I'm feeling you on this one.

    Sure, I'll take a sparkling evening dinner under the stars! Why yes, I'm cool with gorgeous greens and mason jar drinks on the tables! Well yeah, I'm down for an amazing dress and all-around sherbet perfection for the wedding party! Oh, my mother-in-law KAY UNGER will design everything for me? Okay then!

  3. ps, my college girlfriend sent me a potential venue of hers last night, and my response:

    'Your wedding venue makes my wedding venue look like those grubby camping and rafting trips we used to take to northern Maine.'

    On the kicking our weddings' ass front and all... ;-)

  4. ok yes that wedding is beautiful, but i am IN LOVE with your wedding...i feel like the color scheme makes it...i'll get you all liquored up tonight and then you'll feel better.

  5. Holy moly! Can I get married again??

    PS. Have soooo much fun with MM. I love her. The three of us should get together--stat.

  6. Ahhh... I'm glad I'm not the only one who's seen a Style Me Pretty featured wedding and felt like it "kicks my wedding's ass" as you put it. *lol* I never thought of turning to cheese though... I think a good pizza would do the trick.

    BTW: I found your blog because you were in The Knot forum, and you will probably find me stalking your blog from now on! ;)


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