Monday, February 9, 2009


i have to give a presentation tomorrow at a ladies luncheon. topic? "The Anatomy of a Lawsuit: Understanding Civil Suits in Texas Courts, from Start to Finish."

yep. snore.

i suggested "From the Courtroom to Cocktails: Shoes that Work for You," but apparently a speech that involves trying to smush a J.D.'s worth of civil procedure and evidence into a 20 minute crash-course for laymen (or lay-ladies, as the case may be) was the better pick.

so i've been trying to jazz up my spiel by analogizing stages in a civil suit to body parts ("anatomy," obvs) but that only led to a severe case of the middle-school-giggles ("if the brain = the discovery process, then what does the 'the other head' = ?") ... probably not what the ladies are looking for.

they should have let me talk about shoes. i am so screwed.


  1. ehhhh, you'll be fine. i'm sure the ladies who lunch will adore you.

  2. You so should have invited me to come watch this. I'm a lady. I like lunch. I have a JD.

  3. You will do great!! I am positive of it... :)


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