Wednesday, February 18, 2009

important investigative work, v.2.0 + randoms

sad news, friends. the Yummy Tummy is officially being sent back to RueLaLa as we speak (type/read). although, i have not lost all hope for this brand - details:
  • YT does in fact suck you in - i was very pleased with the non-muffin-y appearance when paired with jeans.
  • my YT did not roll up, even while sitting / folding laundry / doing a few white-girl dance moves around my apartment.
  • however, the YT style i ordered was way too long for my layering purposes - hitting me smack dab in the upper-thigh area = not a flattering leg look.

so, maybe the classic tank style would fair better? although shorter styles could cause the roll-up-factor to increase... hmmmm. i fear the YT is treacherous territory - best to try on in store if pondering an investment, rather than purchasing online.

in other news, one of my favorite Dallas radio stations (Movin' 107.5 - yes, i'm lame, shut up) has magically transformed into Latino tunes. pretty decent ones at that - i was jamming out Spanish-style throughout my entire commute. but still - bizarre: last night = I Wanna Dance with Somebody; this morning = unknown Latin pop. interesante.

and, why does the copy service guy always wait to bring the bribery breakfast tacos until after i've eaten breakfast? they are not called "brunch tacos," dude. if want to butter me up for some business, bring food at the appropriate time, 'cause right now you're just a big egg 'n potato tease.


  1. Bummer about the YT...I had my fingers crossed that it would be a miracle worker :)

  2. Sorry the YT didn't quite work out... I'm sure you'll find the perfect one for you soon though!

    Aren't sucky-in clothes the best? Shh, but I wore spanx under my oh-so-tight wedding dress - they worked a treat!

  3. I was sad about 107.5 too. You are not alone.


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