Friday, February 20, 2009

oh sweet baby jesus TGIF

remember TGIF from late-80s / early-90s?

"its Friday night! and the mood is right! gonna have some fun, show ya how its done, TGIF!"

yep, if i were back in 6th grade, i'd be watching the clock, waiting to get home from school, pack my pink ballet shoes duffel bag, head over to a friend's house, where we would phone in our Domino's order and dance around to Boyz II Men and Ace of Base, waiting for Family Matters to start so we could prank call boys during the commercial breaks.

as it were, today, i am watching the clock, waiting to go home and do anything besides look through (really boring) people's email boxes. this week has been lawyering purgatory: i have not turned on my television at home, used the microwave or stove, opened my refrigerator, or seen Evs / Boom.

but this weekend offers a little respite:
  • unknown / relaxing plans for tonight;
  • some girly-ness tomorrow, involving Neimans and nails;
  • a casual cocktail event for AF's newest shareholder (who also happens to be my director - the man who brought you such shenanigans as this little Christmas gem);
  • much needed errand-running, preliminary packing, and thank-you-note-penning; and...

... AA PARTY! nope, not Alkie's Anon - although, that would be potentially fitting as well, but not quite as fun - i'm referring to a small but merry get-together in honor of Mr. Oscar himself, with the fabulous Maggie (and M's F-Word!) and SlynnRo. treats, eats, dips, sips and gowns! gowns! gowns! oh how i love Oscar Season. almost better than Christmas.

Merry TGIF (and AA Day)!


  1. you better fit in cheering for the deacs as we play duke at cameron indoor during the oscars!!! toggle back and forth. have a great weekend!

  2. Love the throwback to childhood days...ahh, the simplicity! Sounds like you have fun weekend to balance out a not-so-fun work week!

  3. OH wow, that brings back memories... Full House and Family Matters were my fave.. ha!

  4. Ah! I LOVED TGIF. It was the BEST. I hope you have a fabulous weekend--you need it after the week you had! Your e-mail looking through week sounds lot like my database entry week. Yuck.

  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVED TGIF! Full House, Family Matters, Step by Step, Boy Meets World... I think I can still hum the tune to all the theme songs haha! Good memories.

  6. Have a fun, productive and relaxing weekend after a hectic and long week at work. Can't wait for the Oscars!!

  7. Blegh, I don't know how you litigation types do it. Congrats on surviving last week!

    I'll be drinking too much champagne & Oscar watching with you girls in spirit!

    PS - I am loath to admit this on the web, but I too was a TGIF viewer. Religiously. Sigh.


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