Tuesday, February 10, 2009

pool party

in an effort to think warm thoughts towards our (hopefully)-future-landlords on this, the day we (hopefully) get good news on the "dream cottage," i am day-dreaming about potential pool / patio furniture!

i never had a pool growing up and can literally feel what Evs calls my child-like-wonder kicking into over-drive as i imagine enjoying cold beers and grilling on the patio with my (eeeek!) husband after work on warm nights, and summer Saturdays spent lounging lazily with girlfriends and pitchers of sangria.

and if some of these suckers could magically appear in my (hopefully) soon-to-be backyard, that would be just peachy!

from the potentially attainable { World Market... }

to the in-my-wildest-pool-party-dreams { Pottery Barn... }


  1. I'm ready for warm beach & pool weather with that post!

  2. I'm selfishly loving the idea of outfitting your pool spectacularly ;-)

    We have the Pottery Barn Chesapeake furniture on our patio and love it - it's really great stuff. One note of caution if you go with PB though - they offer the "weather shield" cushions for a reason - the regular ones fade in the sunlight like crazy. Our formerly brilliant red cushions are now a faded pinkish color. So suck it up and buy the more expensive cushions.

    My gf scored great deals on her patio/pool furniture at a Crate and Barrel Furniture Outlet nearby that we didn't know existed when we were patio furniture shopping. I'll get the details...

  3. How exciting!! We have World Market stuff in our backyard (because we could afford it) and we've been really happy with it.

  4. Every time I get a spring/summer PB catalog, I want a house...and a pool...and all of the furnishings from PB. Oh, and William Sonoma can stock my kitchen too. One day - maybe?

  5. We just bought a house with a pool and I have all the same day dreams! These are some great finds. I'm still looking around.

  6. How lovely the pool chairs are and how GREAT that you'll have a pool... I'm envious!!

    I'm glad you liked my photos... I'm trying hard to get better!

    Saskia x

  7. I love love love all of those red ones :) and of course the PB ones :) But out of my budget :)

  8. Hooray pool party! Love each of the examples! The Company Store has great patio furniture - we got an adirondak love seat and coffee table for less than 100 bucks on clearance.

    Happy house shopping!


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