Thursday, February 5, 2009

a proper thank-you

i like to think of myself as a modern gal. i have a definitive stance on political, social and economic topics. i do the yoga thing. i implement canvas totes whilst grocery shopping (although, i have no f*ing clue what a carbon footprint is, apologies). i "take-out" (the verb, not the noun) more than i cook. i understand my 401k (kind of).

but there are times when i do as my Mama J says and stick with tradition. you already know that i'll spurn you for wearing your white jeans past Labor Day... but what you may not know, is that i will also curse your name if you fail to send (dah-dah-dum)... a hand-written thank-you note (i kid, i kid... mostly)!

my mom always forced me to write thank-you's for every birthday and Christmas and graduation (and not the bullshit ones with the fill-in-the-blanks, either) - and i'm so glad she did. i think people appreciate the time it takes to sit down and personally express gratitude by putting pen to paper.

with the wedding just around the corner and the gifts rolling in, i've amassed quite the little collection of notecards. and since they make the task of penning hundreds of personal, witty, heart-felt thank-yous seem a bit less daunting and a bit more cheery, i thought i'd share them for my fellow-brides and/or stationary whores!

clockwise, from left:
  • chocolate brown and ivory "thank-you"; Letter ImPress (fabu-faux-letterpress) by Target - $12.99 for 50 (total steal)
  • tea length, berry and yellow paisley embossing; William Arthur - $17.99 for 10
  • "H" single letter monogram; Whitney English - $13.50 for 10

and with that proclaimation made to all the world, er, internets... i better get cracking on my mile long list - 'lest someone mistake me for a Yankee. (j/k my little Northern friends!)


  1. I can tell you off the top of my head every wedding I've attended in which I didn't receive a thank you note. Such a transgression in my book as well!

  2. I tend to hoard stationery products... and might have to pick up those awesome ones from Target!

  3. i'm a Junior Leaguer! Junior Leaguers perfected the art of thank you note writing. i say "we're saving the world one thank you note at a time."

    i do have a confession: all of these late wedding gifts that i'm still getting... i've totally procrastinated on those thank you notes. maybe i'll take care of that on saturday night when todd leaves me at home to go to a basketball game!

  4. i love those festive ones with the H. pretty. the faux letterpress from target is actually pretty impressive in person! target is my secret love.

    aaaand, FYI, "carbon footprint" is the amount of carbon dioxide you personally cause in the atmosphere - from your car, energy use, etc. unless of course you were joking...then disregard this and go back to your lovely stationary.

  5. I still remember how excited I was to write my first wedding thank-you note! Of course...a few hundred later, they kind of lose their lustre. But I'm happy to report that all of my wedding thank you notes were completed less than a week after we returned from our honeymoon! I was all business. :)

  6. The letter impress line from Target is great. I used one of the designs for my wedding thank you's and they looked great.

  7. Stationery Whore here, wondering whether we should form a support group. On the other hand, that might get in the way of my running to Target over lunch & picking up some of those notes . . .

    Oh, and I laughed at the carbon footprint part. Me neither.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  8. I'm a total stickler for this too. And I just dropped a fat wad of cash at Paper Source.

  9. oh i definitely had to write all my thank you notes (by hand and not fill in the blank)before i could play with any of my new toys again after christmas day or my birthday.

    i HATED doing them, but now i'm so glad it's deeply entrenched as an absolute must-do in my life...

    although...the size of my invite list (and therefore potential thank you note list) is daunting. if i don't have cute stationary i'll never get through it!

  10. ohhh love me some pretty pretty stationary. and just to make you really laugh, i had to write a thank you note and incorporate the phrase "carbon footprint" in it (yes, i swear my boss insisted on that) to some work associates when we did an entire "law firm goes green" thing last summer. thx for the sweet comment on my blog! much appreciated. xoxo

  11. I love thank you cards. I have quite a collection of cute ones. One of my favorite places to look for them is Barnes and Noble. They have really good sales on thank you cards as well.

  12. Needless to say, I loved this post!!

  13. I love the know I love stationary. You would be so proud of me. You know how retarded I am about getting stamps? Well, yesterday I mailed like 10 letters (some of them thank you notes). That is right, I actually had stamps and mailed something. Yay me.


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