Monday, February 16, 2009


ahhhhh dearies, i hope you are all enjoying the Bachelor tonight (and the most dramatic rose ceremony EVER).

because i am not.

i am stuck at work reviewing 129,000 emails. and while, yes, i tend to have a flair for the dramatic, (a) that number is no exaggeration, and (b) i really would rather have my eyebrows waxed off entirely than do this every day this week.

but, if you have nothing better to do than read about my totally glamorous legal life, here are some tidbits for you:
  • i have discovered that project managers and subcontractors really enjoy using "10/4" lingo.
  • some of them also enjoy a really terrible email forward that involves cats, house theives, and German subtitles.
  • so far, no one keeps porn in their In-Box. which is shame. porn would really spice up my professional life right now.
  • cold crab rangoons from lunch are not yummy. not at all.



  1. When you say 10/4 lingo, do you mean something like this: "104 to 106, what's your 20? I need a 10-18 for a 10-100 in about 5"?

    ..cause yeah, that's annoying.

  2. ah yes, subcontractors and project managers are my peeps. in fact, i was told "10-4, keep on truckin" today. i was also subjected to a riveting persuasive speech on why we should have mini-fridges full of beer in our offices. but not gonna lie, i wouldn't change a thing. i enjoy being a woman in a man's engineering and construction world.

  3. Totally been on a doc review and found porn. Sadly (as you know) it makes it seem better. Good luck.

  4. porn? So sorry! My husband defended a porn company when he was an associate and got to introduce porn into evidence.

    As far as the Bachelor was very sad. Well, depending on who you were rooting for. Apparently the finale IS the most DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER!!! I know where I'll be in two weeks on Monday night!

  5. i always wondered who got the job of reviewing emails ...

    sounds like a barf-fest!

    (wow. i haven't used the word barf since like '92)


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