Tuesday, February 17, 2009

things i think about

all this email doc reviewing (5,000 down, 124,000 to go!) has me thinking... if some poor first year associate were reviewing my In Box, what would they find?

hmmmmm, let's see... gmail account currently showing:

  • bill from Time Warner (snooze)
  • 2 Gilt Group order confirmations; 1 RueLaLa order confirmation (oops)
  • daily ads from BR and J.Crew (pretty)
  • email chains with various groups of friends discussing highly important topics, including, but not limited to, the following: pros and cons of purchasing basic/classic designer shoes vs. fun designer shoes (scholarly); a bachelorette weekend in Chicago (merriment); top reasons why we hate particular Anonymous Coworkers (therapeutic); our "Old Man Fives" (as opposed to your "Normal Man Five").
  • an extended back and forth conversation between my mom and me in which we debate the necessity / importance of vintage lace chair ties (imperative)

i must say i'm a bit bothered by fictitious first year associate judgment at the state of my In-Box... hmmmmm. oh well. at least i know how to use punctuate properly. there's always that.


  1. You poor dear! Loving your insight into First-Year Associate Land... Your posts always make me laugh out loud! Hope we an meet up when I come to Dallas soon!

  2. UGH! Keep on trucking my dear, sweet friend. I have returned to the land of the living and will be calling you ASAP.

  3. What did you buy! What did you buy!

  4. We're going to need to discuss chair ties at some point. I haven't even let myself go there yet. Oh but I will.


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