Saturday, February 7, 2009

we now interrupt your regularly scheduled bridal-freak-out....

... for a real-estate happy dance!

while i know "everything happens for a reason," you all know how unbelievably bummed we were when we found out our dream cottage was sold last month...

well today, after 3 hours of house hunting, we found IT! barring any issues with the applications (fingers crossed that Evs isn't a secret psycho-killer), we will be the proud leasers of the most adorable, perfect, baby blue brick, 1920s home in an incredible location! it has everything we want: a yard, hardwood floors, character, room for entertaining, and an old vibe with updated amenities. it also has some things we never imagined but are ecstatic about: a pool (!), a little guest house, and an outdoor bar(!!). party at our house, come March!

aside from that bit of fabulousness, we ticked two huge things off our Wedding To-Do List today (which made me breathe a little easier): finalized the purchase of our wedding bands (whilst taking advantage of the 20% off Valentine's Day Sale - score) and got Evs measured for his tux (and found out which groomsmen are officially on the Naughty List for not yet contacting Mens Wearhouse).

bonus: Orange Cup! happy healthy organic yogurt!

and now we're snuggled up, still semi-sickly and pathetic, but with a belly full of Sevy's, big producitve grins on our faces, Samantha Brown's Passport on the tv, and hands full of pinot grigio (me) and Mike & Ike's (Evs)....

ahhhhh the good life!


  1. the casa sounds amazing!!!! warm weather won't be able to come soon enough for you!!!

  2. I can't wait to see the new casa!! AND I'm so jealous about Sevy's...that is where Mr. Mojito took me on our first date so it always holds great memories for us!!

  3. eeeeeeeeks!! it sounds like perfection. now i can't wait to see photos of the perfection. i'm so happy for you two!

  4. 1. YAY of the house!

    2. that yogurt looks fabulous

  5. Soooo wonderful! I am beyond thrilled for y'all - how nice to be able to combine "productive" and "romantic" in the day. I am happy you are less stressed and less sicky-have a wonderful week!

  6. congrats! you must post some pics!

  7. Yay!! Congratulations on finding the perfect place. We need to see pictures!


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