Tuesday, March 3, 2009


sadness befell me this morning (and i do mean befell):

the heel on my favorite work pump snapped right off whilst i was minding my own business, gossiping over morning coffee with HDH, er, um, diligently working. not only does this mean that a trip to the Shoe Hospital has been added to my mile-long to-do list, but i also faced a harrowing decision:
  • walk on my tip-toesies all day, or
  • sport my running shoes with dress pants a la the 60 year old women who powerwalk the lobby on their lunch break?

thank goodness our receptionist wears a size 9 and had an extra pair of black pumps under her desk (not even going to ask) - otherwise, i fear my calves would have fallen off due to vanity ('cause you know i ain't wearing running shoes with BR pinstripes).

in other fashion news, i recently decided to retire my faux-Chanel sunglasses (purchased on Santorini for the bargain-bin price of 8 Euro!) as they have seen (much, much, much) better days and spring for some new shades for the honeymoon. i settled on BR's Anja sunglasses and anxiously awaited their arrival...

hmmmmm... have no complaints on the glasses themselves (i ordered in the "brown cream horn") but the case is a bit, um....

freakin' gigantic!!!!

i mean, really? this thing dwarfs my stapler! and these are not Nicole Richie Huge-Ass Bug-Glasses... au contraire, mon fraire: these are quite normal sized. wtf, Banana?

good thing i carry a big purse.


  1. Thank goodness for the extra pair of pumps! (How random, but very lucky!)

    LOVE the sunglasses...tres chic! And not that large looking on the model. So funny that the case is ginormous!

  2. Oh no pretty shoes!

    I'm annoyed at all BR sunglasses right now bc I took my fave pair off the top of my head in a dressing room two weeks ago, forgot to put them back on head/in purse as I was leaving the dressing room, and within five minutes of realizing I'd left them behind they were gone. So of course it's BR's fault. ;-)

  3. That is definitely not the case that they show online.

  4. so sorry about the pumps! ugh! i cant handle the sneakers and work outfit look, even if you are working out. just..ugh!

  5. Oh your poor shoes!! Thank goodness that girl saved you!!

    And whoa that case is huge and yes, that's totally what big purses are for!

  6. Your poor shoes!!! Thanks goodness you can get those fixed--and how awesome that someone had an extra pair of shoes?? I have flip flops in my desk drawer, but, that's not really going to work at the office...

  7. Isn't that case ridiculous!? I have a pair of BR sunglasses (that I just love...especially b/c they never fall off my face like the last pair I had), but I had to use an old glasses case instead of that gigantic one. It would have taken up my whole purse! Enjoy your new sunglasses :)

  8. Wow. I have never, ever seen a sunglasses case that ridiculous! Perhaps you can find another case that is more...modest?

    So sad about your shoe injury. That's the WORST! I hope they heal soon. :(


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