Wednesday, March 11, 2009

almost time to get batty

3 more days until our wedding date falls within the (historically inaccurate) 15 Day Accuweather Forecast...

i said i wasn't going to be a crazy-early-weather-checker...

i fear that i lied.



  1. Ha, I was checking the weather constantly up until our wedding!! Good times!!


  2. I was the crazy weather obsessed bride! We got married outside, in California, in the summer (I must have been delusional). In an area that is notorious for having 110 degree days. And, of course, our venue kicked us out after dark, so, I was also obsessed with how long the day would be. Luckily, for some reason I will never understand, it ws oly 85 the day we got married--and almost the longest day of the year.

    Weather forecasts aren't always right--you'll have a lovely wedding day!

  3. I checked everyday, so don't feel bad at all. Everyone wants it to be nice on their special day!

  4. aww it's ok! everyone does it!!! you're getting married in 15 days!! how exciting!

  5. ha! I'll admit it--I already checked for you and discovered that you don't fall within the 15 day forecast yet. I was kind of bummed. but i did get a good sense for the average temperatures this time of year, so that was helpful!

  6. Um, I would be the same way. Austin weather is crazy! You will be fine though. I am hoping to be getting some time on lake austin on that very day, so I will be keeping my fingers crossed for sunshine!

  7. aww you must be so excited! i bet the weather is going to be beautiful for your wedding =]]


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