Sunday, March 1, 2009

big weekend!

Happy March, lovely readers! this month i get married - i can hardly believe it, but i must say, i am so excited! and, surprisingly, i am (for the most part) non-stressed - just pretty pumped to say "i do" and get my party on with our fabulous family and friends!

anyhoo, 'nuff with the YAY ME! and on with the weekend recap (which is kind of a trixy minx move, b/c the weekend recap involves a lot of YAY ME! moments):

on Friday, my gown and i trekked down to Austin (via coche, as SW Airlines was more than a bit persnickety about carrying a wedding dress on - buy it a ticket? ummm, no thanks). on tap?: hair and makeup trials + bridal portraits at Laguna Gloria (our wedding venue) and then at Hotel St. Cecilia - a totally funky and fantastic new hotel off of South Congress.

first off, i could not have been more pleased with how my hair and makeup turned out - having my makeup professionally done was probably the biggest source of wedding stress for me, as i have never been pleased with a professional makeup job. but the first go-round went off without a hitch - i felt like myself (but prettier) and not like a really feminine-looking transvestite and it stayed on for a good 10 hours. check, check, and check! i was much less worried about my hair trial as my stylist for the past 14 years (yes, i was the 12 year old with highlights, no judging!) was in the driver's seat and as always, she did a bang-up job. it was just the non-fussy glamorous and fun look i'd been envisioning for the big day:

the portraits themselves were SO FUN! as always, Stacy Sodolak (and her fabulous 2nd shooter Stacey E!) made the whole experience so relaxing and enjoyable - i laughed all day! i'll be very sad when i run out of wedding event excuses for which to employ Stacy's services - i love hanging out with her! we started at Laguna Gloria (our venue) and moved on to Hotel St. Cecilia for some (much) more funkier shots! i cannot wait to see the end results!

{some pics my dad took of our gorgeous venue:}

Saturday was pretty much packed with Bridal-Frou-Frou-ness but my parentals and i did find time to hang out - it was lovely to eat hamburgers, drink Shiner Blonde, and relax.

i also got to see some little teeny reception details that i'd designed and ordered but hadn't seen yet as they'd been shipped to my parent's house. both are from For Your Party and i love how they turned out:

{our cocktail napkins (with eco-friendly non-printing - we are oh so green) and the favor bags for the cookie buffet}

and now i'm back in the Big D... watching a Damages marathon and kicking my slippered-feet up... i just love Sunday nights!

hope ya'll had a great weekend!


  1. Love your hair- can't wait to see more pics of it! I have several events this year requiring "getting my hair did", so I'd love to see some more details.

  2. KATE!!! oh my goodness you look STUNNING!!!! Seriously, the soft curls look divine. I cannot wait to celebrate your big day with THIS MONTH!!


    AND I can't wait to hear how your photo shoot went ;)

  3. WOW - so exciting! I'm just now starting to get really stressed about my wedding in less than 4 months - it's away from where we live too! But just hearing that you're pleased with your stuff from For Your Party eases me cause we ordered from there too! Best of luck with everything! And your hair looked gorgeous!!!

  4. Stunning! I absolutely *love* your hair and the venue is breathtaking! What a great month for you! Can't wait to read all about it!

  5. Gorgeous! Love the hair and makeup.

  6. As I have already sent you an obnoxious adolescent-era all-caps, all-exclamation e-mail, I will only remind you of my thoughts with this excerpt:


  7. You look gorgeous!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! What a stunning venue! Your hair and make-up looks insane. Your wedding will be so amazing!

  8. your hair is simply divine! i might look into both stylists for my wedding since i haven't booked anyone yet...

  9. I can't wait to see more of your bridal pics, I know the Stacys did an amazing job!

  10. Your hair looks really beautiful! I'm getting married in July, and can't imagine what it will feel like when the month of the wedding arrives! Wow!!! Enjoy it :)

    You look SO spectacular! I cannot believe you're getting married this month!!! Congratulations!!!

  12. you look so beautiful, and it sounds like it was a full and fun day! congrats!!

  13. Your hair & makeup are stunning! Just lovely.

    How fun that you've finally made it to THE month - enjoy!

    I have to check out this St. Cecelia place, by the way; haven't heard of it before.

  14. just found your blog and see you are getting married in march and that you love WSP. our anny is march 18th! how excited are you???!!!! the venue is gorg, as are you, darlin! good luck!


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