Wednesday, March 11, 2009

like the corners of my mind...

i'll spare you the "Cats!" moment, but my dear MOH Colleen has posted some absolutely hysterical pictures from our good old glory days, including this gem, circa Spring '98:

stylin', right? i know you're jealous. see more here.

there's something about old pictures that makes any rainy (and cold! wtf, Texas weather?) day just a bit brighter! especially photos like this where i look like a total fox.

now if only i could find those spandex pants...


  1. loveeeeeeee! old photos are the best/worst!

  2. oh high i love thee and awesome pictures like this!

  3. I love looking at old photos. So many memories. The one you posted is great!

  4. Is that from when you danced at the workshop??????


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