Wednesday, March 4, 2009

oh the games we play

recently discovered: comments that cause Ass Clown's paternalistic annoyingness to go into overdrive:

"i am totally going to eat soft cheese and drink red wine when i'm knocked up - they do it in France!"

"is a privilege log really necessary?"

"i'm thinking about reducing my 401k contribution."

"federal court is lame."

{and, oddly enough} "i like putting broccoli on my pizza."

i've made it my personal mission to see how many times i can casually throw these topics his way before his head explodes. its my new favorite pastime.


  1. Um, you should drop your 401(k) right now! We are barely putting droplets in!

  2. Okay. Ass clown is my favorite phrase. It is the only name I call my boss.

  3. I too enjoy the phrase ass clown. And I may be kicking myself when I'm 70, but I have completely given up on my 401k. Instead I've invested that money into facials, WW, and a personal trainer, a much more satisfying investment if you ask me. And frankly, we only get to be young once, might as well look fabulous. I'll get around to that 401k thing after the wedding...

  4. Love it. And, what a fabulously fun way to pass the day away. You my dear, are a genius.

  5. What are AC coworkers for if not to annoy? Well played.

    I do something very similar with a particularly annoying one of mine, and she thinks it's just my "dry sense of humor". Which might be true, if "dry sense of humor" = "AC, you are as dumb as a fencepost".


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