Thursday, March 12, 2009

pretty paper thursdays

today's feature is something a bit different... i give you the ri-donk-cu-lous-ly gorgeous wrapping paper by Midori Ribbon. yesterday, our wedding coordinator (who i would like to shrink, put into my pocket, and carry around with me forever and ever - that's how adorable she is) sent over four Midori paper samples for our aisle decor (flower cones, if you must know!).

oh man. who knew that four jpeg paper "samples" could throw me into such a tizzy. so pretty. even on my computer screen:

anyhoo, enough about me (ha!), feast your eyes on wrapping paper that could make even the lamest of your great aunt's crocheted sweaters seem luxurious:

happy wrapping!


  1. i am such a fan of paper. printed paper, stationary, notecards, wrapping paper.

    if i were you i would have a tough time deciding....

  2. Gorgeous! Like the idea of wrapping the aisle cone thingies.

  3. Ohhh I looove the green and yellow designs on the first picture. Pretty Paper Thursdays may become dangerous for my pocketbook.

  4. i want to wrap myself in this pretty paper predicament!
    i already told gina my votes :)


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