Friday, March 13, 2009

selected moments from my friday

  • have you ever had a zit that, if it were a mole, it would totally be a "Cindy Crawford beauty mark"? like, to the point where, when you look in the mirror, you go "hmmm that almost looks okay"... except its a zit... so it DOESN'T? yep, got one of those today.
  • exiting the elevator today after a rather, er, leisurely lunch, HDH remarked "i bet that guy back there would be shocked that we are lawyers" (there had been giggling)... truer words were never spoken about the general existence that is my professional life.
  • every time i walk in the corner liquor store, the little Indian man's eyes light up like i am the Messiah... all because i purchased $900 worth of alcohol from him for AF's Christmas Parties within 2 weeks in December. buddy, newsflash: i am not that much of a booze-hound - my normal Friday $7.99 Ravens Wood Cab ain't morphing into the Willy Wonka-sized bottle of Crown Reserve anytime soon, pops.
  • i have to watch everything on my DVR tonight or it all disappears. thats 5 hours of Damages and 4 of Gossip Girl. i totally think i'm up to it. while packing of course. uggggggggg i hate packing.


  1. Hahahah!!! Are you sure you're not??? That's hysterical that he lights up!

    Try to enjoy packing!!! :)

  2. Have I mentioned recently that I love you?????? xoxoxoxo

  3. i'm catching up on 2 weeks of missed shows on my dvr =/


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