Tuesday, March 10, 2009

that's some pricey sauce!

so, there are definitely some material items for which i am willing to pay a pretty-penny (think: fabulous, zero-muffin-top jeans / comfy, cuddly high-thread-count sheets / luscious, buttery red-leather-soled-shoes) ... however... scandalous, saucy underthings have never made my Top Dollar List.

i mean, yes, i will gladly shell out $18 a pop for The Thong Created By God Himself - the Hanky Panky (obvs) - but $325 for a romper? gimme a break, Kiki de Montparnasse!

yes, they are gorgeous and floaty and probably pretty comfortable but come on, what's the point? let's assess:
  • how long do they really stay on?
  • can it double as lounge-wear? i think not. well, at least i don't make eggs in ruffly bras.
  • what is your dry-cleaner going to say when you drop off 7 shirts for with 25% coupon and oh, some silk bloomers that look like they came from the Naughty Laura Ingalls Wilder Collection?
i'll stick to Vicky S. (or, let's face it: GAP Body), thankyouverymuch.


  1. That bra is adorable, but yes, not hundreds of dollars adorable.

  2. Not to mention, most guys are not even into these looks. So: unwearable and un-seductive. Hmmm...

  3. those are adorable! but i think i would like them more than the boyfriend.

  4. That is way to much money to spend on any undergarment! Not to mention he probably won't even notice them except for seeing them as an obstacle :)

  5. The romper is adorable! Not quite that adorable for the $$$$! I really am hoping for you that Evs notices. My experience is that they don't. Not just mine, others I know too...Love your blog!


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