Wednesday, April 8, 2009

back to your regularly scheduled programming

enough about crock pots... back to wedding photos! these are the last of the non-professional pics of the ceremony, reception, and after party.

{Stacy has promised that she is dilligently working on a professional blog post... ahem, ahem... not that i'm pressing refresh every 34 seconds on her site or anything}


this is RJB... trying to convince me that no, kate, you cannot see your royal blue underpants through your dress

groomsmen having a little pre-ceremony beverage

mom showing off her bling!

watching guests arrive
the treacherous aisle

my favorite pic so far, during a reading

my dad's wonderful welcome speech and toast

cake cutting!

leaving in my mom's wedding dress!

after-party at the Driskill

come on Stacy! i cannot WAIT to see the real-deal!


  1. everything is so beautiful... the colors are just breathtaking! i think the best part, though, is that it is so obvious that this wedding, party, shindig was a BLAST for everyone!

  2. I can't get enough of your photos!!! I remember the excitement we felt waiting for the first glimpse of our professional photos :)

    Have a great day!

    Saskia x

  3. Your demanding public wants MORE wedding photos, more more more!

    Oh, how I love both of your wedding dresses, even though I'm secretly jealous because I couldn't pull off either of them.

    And that is one badass getaway car.

  4. Oh lady, your bouquets are so beautiful!

  5. aww I love that you drove away in your mom's wedding dress!! that is such a good idea! and i am loving the getaway car...can't wait to see more pics!

  6. ok, even I have been pressing refresh on stacy's blog every 67 seconds! this is one wedding i can't wait to see more pics of!

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

  7. Wow, everything looks so amazing in every picture! I am *patiently* waiting to see more... =)

  8. I was so nervous watching the girls come down that aisle. I was nervous just walking down it myself hanging onto T! MAJOR PROPS to all the ladies (and you OBVS!), bc I totally would've fallen over if everyone was watching me do that. Treacherous is very much the appropriate word.

    I could look at these pics all day... c'mon, Stacy! T is also hoping for something nice from Stacy bc he adored the dress I was wearing, but the one photo of it I've seen so far is so heinous that I now want to burn the dress before his crying eyes. So um, maybe Stacy has a more flattering one?!

    Can't wait for all the inside scoop tmrrw :-).

  9. everything is still just so gorgeous!!

    and major props to you for wearing your mom's dress to leave in and at the afterparty. I bed that made her day!!

    you were a BEAUTIFUL bride!! love, love, love the dress!!

  10. treacherous aisle 0, Moynahan-Hall bridal party 1...sweet, sweet victory

  11. Hi there! I just recently found your blog and am loving all the posts about your wedding. You were a beautiful bride and it looks like everything was just perfect. I love how colorful everything was! Congrats!

  12. Your mom's MOB dress is gorgeous, and of course, you look fabulous as does the groom.

    That aisle looks dangerous. I never would have made it without falling.

  13. Waiting for Stacy to post the pics was so nerve-wracking but TOTALLY worth the wait!! i can't wait to see the rest!

  14. So gorgeous!! I love that you left in your mom's wedding gown, how special. I'm seriously in love with your wedding, it looks like it was just amazing!!!

  15. kate!!!!!
    i am working on them! they will be up tomorrow. i have it narrowed down to 138 images!!!!!!
    oh my gawd!
    i just don't want your refresh button finger to get sore so i thought i would give you an update.
    i just want it to be perfect and a ridiculously indulgent huge post!

  16. LOVE the red for Bridesmaid dresses!!

    How did I miss this?? I've been a slacker. Everything looks Perfect!!


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