Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a kind offer

now that i'm thinking about it, if any of you lovely readers would like the opportunity to see Thigh-Whore (as we have apparently dubbed her) on a daily basis, give me a shout out at the email address to the right and i will send you an invitation to RLL.

obviously i am doing this out of my own benevolence and not because if you buy something, i get thigh-whore-credit.

additionally, if you would like to join Gilt Group (whose sign-in page features a very pretty girl, potentially strung out on heroin, but at least she's fully clothed and has a head), click here to sign up!

again, it is the massive size of my heart that spurred me to this invitation frenzy and not because i want more free designer shiz.


  1. ha i love that you are calling her thigh whore!! thankfully no one can see my comp from where i sit or else it might get a little weird! have you heard of hautelook too? it's pretty much the same as the rue and gilt. amazingness...

  2. you are so kind...i wish i had known about this credits thing earlier on in my gilt group days, or else i would have been spreading the word. instead, greedy shopping monster that i am, was trying to reserve telling people about it to a very select few! thus, i missed out on a TON of credits. i just didn't want to increase the competition, but now its out of control anyway, so my efforts were futile. that is all.

  3. you are a dollface! BEG is right, hautelook is pretty good too.

  4. hahaha. if you want an invite to let me know!

  5. hahaha i couldn't quite put my finger on a name for that chick...but thighwhore. excellent.

    one legit shopping website: one kings lane. its for housey stuff and has a lovely porch as its opening photo. (thighwhores need not apply!)

  6. I just made my first RLL purchase courtesy of James Jeans. (You're welcome!)


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