Tuesday, April 7, 2009

k's kookie kooking

was asked about some recipes... here they are, plus my random musings as an added bonus...

* pot roast = not very pretty, but supa-dupa delish!  perfect accompaniment to RHNYC, obvs.  PS: adore that my husband (!!!) loves all things Bravo TV... this might be a key to a lasting relationship for us... that and our mutual acceptance of my appreciation for expensive footwear and his belligerent sports moodiness.  

- ask your butcher for the best cut of meat currently available for pot roast (you want some fat, but not too much) - 2-3 lbs should be plenty for 4 servings (or leftovers for 2).  
- coat roast with salt and pepper seasoning - i used a mixture of kosher salt, garlic salt and some rando meat seasoning that caught my eye in the grocery store. 
- place roast in crock pot, along with carrots and potatoes (i used whole carrots and red potatoes as i let the dish cook for about 10 hours - if you have less cooking time, you might want to halve the veggies) and slice a large onion on top.
- if you're going to be gone all day, set the crock pot to cook on Low for 8 hours. if you're wanting it quicker... ummmm, you're going to have to ask your mom... because i have no clue. 
- sprinkle about 1/3 cup of water on top and let that sucker do its thang!  you have a crock pot = you have a life... love this thing! 

* pollo verde - this recipe comes thanks to my friend and old roomie SAI's mom who submitted it to our Chi O Cookbook Senior year (the fact that i still have this thing is amazing... i don't think i've ever opened it before... its a whole new, delicious world in there!)

- combine a 10 - 12 oz. jar of green enchilada sauce (i just used the Safeway version) with a handful of fresh cilantro, 2 cloves of garlic (i eyeballed it with the pre-chopped roasted garlic-in-a-jar), and a large onion (chopped) in your blender.
- place chicken breasts (i used about 8 tenders instead) in a large skillet and cover with blended sauce.  
- cover the skillet and simmer for an hour. 
- i served this over Spanish rice (boxed - Near East version) - would have been great with some black beans too! 

surprisingly (i say that as i've never paired mexican / southwestern flavors with wine before... normally these things call more for those shmargaritas i was discussing earlier), this dish was delicious with my new find from World Market - Shoofly winery's Buzz Cut wine!



  1. yay! i love fun new recipes! i am going to try the chicken soon...yum!

    also...we were super pumped to meet sam and get along so well with him. i like him even more now that he is friends with your family. extra points, sam, extra points!!!

  2. Thanks. I can assure you that I will give them a try with in the next two weeks. And the wine too.

  3. sounds good I am going to have to try them!

  4. Thanks for the recipe! The pot roast looks fantastic. We've got a crockpot but we've not yet used it... I think once we do we'll be using it daily!



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