Tuesday, April 7, 2009


interrupting my regularly scheduled "look at me! i got married!" attention-whorey posts (and musings on Miley, obvs) for this muy importante announcement:

i. like. cooking.

wooooah. i know, i know, it was a shock to me too. not that this is my first forray into the kitchen - i've been known to bake something edible once in a blue moon and rice, pasta and chicken (and any combination of the two) are my friends. but now i think i'm starting to actually like it (i will bite my tongue later... i just know it).

last night i made Pollo Verde (which involved using my blender to blend something that does not rhyme with shmargarita) over Spanish Rice (which, yes, came out of a Near East box, but hush).

and tonight... my crowning glory: pot roast! for those of you that require proof of my domesticity, i took pictures:

lookie there! i even bought garlic salt! i'm a regular f*ing Martha Stewart!

pretty sure this is just a passing phase... once i tire of my pretty, shiney new toys (in true only child fashion) i will return to the drawer of takeout menus and the boxes of organic pastaroni... but until then, i'm eatin' freakin' pot roast!


  1. look at you mrs. domestic! i'm impressed.

  2. wow! that's impressive!! i've never done a pot roast :( i guess i should try it out?

  3. you've got all these new wedding gifts, so why not put them to use, right?

    p.s. shmargarita...that's just good stuff

  4. oh yes! so much fun using all of the wedding gifts. we have that exact same crock pot! you're doing great! :)

  5. Yay for you!! Um, I didn't try half of my pretty wedding gifts until like years later--my crock pot scared the bajeezus out of me. Look at you! You enjoy that pot roast!

  6. Salsa chicken - 1 can black beans, 1 pack chicken breasts, 1 small jar pace salsa, low for 8 hours

    Pulled pork - 1 pork shoulder, 1 cup beer, a bunch of bbq sauce, low for 8 hours

    V's chicken - 1 pack chicken breasts, spread with pesto from a jar, 1 bowl bertolli alfredo sauce, high for 4 hours

  7. wow, you're a wife for a WEEK and you're already a domestic goddess. way to go!

  8. I am having serious slow cooker envy here. That one is PURTY! :)

  9. I want a slow cooker so bad I can't stand it. Whenever one comes up, Steve tells me to just go get one. Then I remind him that if we would hurry up and get engaged that we could then register. I think the possibility of great homegoods swag is starting to crack his exterior.

    Congrats on wifedom and your foray into domestic goddesshood.

  10. Oh girl, I'm right with you there! Isn't the crock pot the best route to easy 1950's domesticity?!? haha

    Dunno if you've seen this site yet, but when I hit a wave of crock pot madness last year it BLEW. MY. MIND. :


    Hope all is well in newlywed land!


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