Wednesday, April 22, 2009

post script

as a P.S.

i wanted to give a heart-felt thank-you to all the positive, supportive, hysterical, pro-natural-booby/body comments left on this post.

i don't usually get teary-eyed and shmoopy out here in the blogosphere, but the last few days, i have felt extremely honored to have such kick-ass readers & InterWeb Friends!

so tonight, me and my floppy boobs raise a glass of honeymoon bubbly (or real-life pinot grigio) to you and exclaim:

Cheers! May you have Health, Happiness, Positivity, Designer Shoes, and Cocktails!


  1. I'm glad you received overwhelming support and good comments from everyone. I can't believe someone could be that rude? Especially towards someone as lovely as you... it smacks of jealousy to me. You're beautiful, photogenic and sassy and I love that you rose above it all. Saskia x

  2. you rule. nasty commenter girl does not. end of story =)

  3. You are right on. Love the post.... and the picture!!! Double Cheers!!

  4. xoxo! Love the photo. So proud of you for not paying attention to the silly post...and please, know that we out there in blogland love and support you!

  5. We love you Kate! We really do....slowly becoming a favorite of mine, and this has nothing to do with the wedding (even though I loved it), you are not a wedding blogger to me, instead, a woman with brains and balls! Love it!

  6. Your boobs are not FLOPPY! Somebody's an idiot - sad to say they let idiots into our blog-o-bubble blogtopia! You're beautiful and your blog rocks and I'll take your toast and raise a glass to you as well - but mine is just coffee at this early hour!


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