Thursday, April 16, 2009

pretty paper thursday

and now for your thursday-dose of prettiness...

today's PPT is thanks to Laura who emailed me this sweet message this morning:

just saw these letterpress recipe cards on etsy and thought they were really adorable. Since it is pretty paper thursday and you've mastered several recipes, I thought of you.

see?! pot roast and letterpress make the world a happier place!

anyhoo, i checked out seller One Canoe Two's Etsy shop and found not only the delightful recipe cards Laura told me about but a woodcut print of Barcelona that i absolutely fell in love with and snapped up for the cottage!

how great would these be for a kitchen shower (either for the bride-to-be or as a hostess gift?)

i'm a-thinkin' i just might need some as my current recipe categorization method invovles chicken-scratch on slips of paper, post-its and business cards all shoved into cookbooks / the dollar-store recipe book that i don't actually write recipes in.

and here's my new print! can't wait to frame it and find a place for it!

thanks again Laura! and One Canoe Two!


as an added PPT bonus {that has nothing to do with PPT}, i thought i'd share this article Evs sent me today about 5 Gold-Medal Wines for Under $13... drink well, not necessarily lavishly, i always say! (well, actually i've never said that but it makes good sense and now i shall begin saying it)


  1. holy crap.... at first glance i knew i needed this entire thing! love it!

  2. Hi Kate! I'm coming out of my lurker state and finally commenting on your precious blog! I love love love all of your "pretty paper thursdays"! I have the most perfect "pretty paper" for next thursday to showcase your chic southern roots! hope you enjoy!

  3. I'm also coming out of "lurker state". I found your blog via "Confessions of an Enginerd's" blog. I love these recipes cards! I saw them on Etsy also but want to try my hand at doing them myself. We'll see how it goes... :)

    Keep it up. Love your blog!

  4. Love them... I saw them on someone's blog awhile ago and have been waiting to scoop them up for some time... don't know what I'm waiting for, really! So cute.

  5. I bought that recipe box last month. I love it!

  6. those are super freakin' adorable recipe cards. must get!

    i think you and i are soulmates in terms of our love for "pretty paper"


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