Thursday, April 30, 2009

pretty paper thursday

today i'm featuring Dutch Door Press - creator of adorable letterpress greeting cards and absolutely, ridiculously pretty wedding invitations (which can be found here, on their official website).

i wish i would have had the forethought to purchase one of these lovely creations to pen a wedding-day-note to Evs... as it was, i was lucky to find a decent piece of stationary to scribble down my scattered thoughts!

and check out these beauties for upcoming Respective Parentals' Days!

happy papering!


  1. very pretty! thanks for the info!

  2. I ordered my Mother's Day card from Dutch Door. It's so HER I can barely stand it!

  3. CUTE.

    I'm just going to email you from now on when I have stationery needs; you are just the best at finding pretty paper.

  4. OMG dying over the Love Birds cards!!

    So cute!!

  5. can you please shop for all my stationary needs for the rest of our lives please?!

  6. i LOVE the yellow and green "love."

  7. I have a suggestion for some cards you may like.


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