Thursday, April 9, 2009

yay for champagne thursdays!

yep, thursdays are not only for pretty paper, but also for bubbly + fabulous Dallas friends!

cheers to SLynnRo, Mags, and Rachel!

13 minutes until i make my escape...

{note: this post was also another excuse to post a picture of me in a wedding dress... if you didn't catch that}


  1. we're on to you k! good thing that dress makes it seem like angel designed it with you in mind!!

  2. Kate, I love you, even though you re-posted this heinous photo of me. Let's try for a Maggie-friendly one on Saturday, what do you say?! xo.

  3. maggie hush, you look beautiful. and i'm pissed i missed this...darn passover

  4. you post as many pics in that dress as you want hon, because you are rocking it!

  5. Post pics of you wearing that in the Supermarket!!! Girllll it's your dress and you looked STUNNING! :D

  6. Hooray us! But we gotta take a better photo.


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