Sunday, May 10, 2009

mi madre fabulosa!

this post is a wee late, but i wanted to give a shout-out to the

my mom's a hero. she's been a special education teacher for over 35 years (Teacher of the Year 2000!). she's a speedwalking powerhouse, a yogi, and she makes the best chocolate cake and chili. she had my class and exam schedule memorized (and my best friends' - hence "The Monitor") before i did. even now, when i come home for a visit, she rubs my back before i go to bed.

i wouldn't want anyone else!

Happy Mother's Day to my Monitor and all the super-heroes out there!


  1. Beautiful pics!!

    That first one is just priceless and perfect!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! And the first one is Amazing!!!

  3. I need that blue and white dress.

    Wish I was that close with my mom.

  4. You're the very best! I have always treasured our relationship and always will. Thank you for the awesome tribute!! XXOO

  5. Lovely photos!

    I love that your mum commented!! It sounds like you have a very special relationship.

    Saskia x

  6. you are so sweet! I did not do a mother's day blog shout out...but my mom did find out about my blog on Mother's day, so that should be gift enough. ha. The pictures are really great-so beautiful!


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