Friday, May 1, 2009

my ass is ready to party!

my bachelorette donkey, that is! yep, in all his light-up bling, whistle-blowing glory (he is stuffed with Ring Pops!!!) - Paco is ready to make his debut in Gun Barrel City, Texas this weekend to celebrate the waning singledom of this crazy chica:

i am so honored to be M(atron, i am sooooo old)OH in JAJ's wedding in a month (although i'm totally just riding the coattails of Millitini - the best damn color-coded spreadsheet-maker and co-MOH ever!!!).
I've been lucky to call JAJ one of my closest friends for over 8 years - ever since freshman year at Wake when we liked the same boy and thus, hated one another. then we pledged the same sorority, knew no one else in our pledge class on Bid Night, and - after several rounds of Crystal Light and Schmirnoff - mutually decided the other might not be so bad after all! there is a very incriminating video tape somewhere of us proclaiming our newfound love for each other, complete with Xs and Horseshoes drawn all over our faces in red lipstick.

but that's neither here nor there.

the fact of the matter is, JAJ has seen me at my lowest and highest points (with every naturally-existing hair color known to man) and has loved me just the same. we've lived together; back-packed Spain, Portugal, and Paris together; watched countless hours of bad television and terrible(ly awesome) tween-girl movies together (and plenty of artsy-fartsy ones too); consumed mass amounts of thai food / frozen yogurt / brie / red wine together; and mapped out many-a major life decision with a Sharpie and posterboard together. i am so thrilled with her personal (accessorizing?!) and professional accomplishments and am continually amazed at her unwavering committment to helping people through medicine.

and i am SO PUMPED to celebrate Bachelorette... JAJ Style!

and, obvs, i am completely jazzed to see these girls again - thank gawd for all these wedding events - i get to see my favorite girls so much this year!!!


  1. How fun!! I'm sure you all are going to have a blast! Love the donkey!

    Can't wait to see pics :)

  2. that is a sweet ass.. =)

    y'all have fun ladies!!

  3. have an absolute blast!!!!

    and yes, NICE ASS!


  4. Sounds like a fun time!! And, poor Paco has no idea what he's in for! ;)

  5. The party shot of the bride-to-be, beer aloft, is awesome - as are your & Milltini's dresses in those other photos.

    Have a blast!

  6. aww, you wake gals are too cute! hope yall had a blast.


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