Thursday, May 21, 2009

what's your best quality?

didn't you just hate that question in job interviews / scholastic applications?

i mean, you're pretty much forced to say...
  • i'm a team player!
  • i am organized to a fault!
  • i'm a fast-learner!

...when what you really meant was:

  • i can fashion entire meals out of a brick of smoked gouda, cocktail olives, and a bottle of pinot noir
  • i'm like the best paint-penner ever
  • i am an online shopping prodigy

one of my fluffy "best qualities" (besides writer of unbelievably awesome transition sentences) is the physical self-awareness to dress for my body type. yes, there have been major missteps (i shudder to remember my poor arms during my Cap-Sleeve Phase), but i have peacefully come to terms with what i know i can and can't pull off.

sadly, this means that there are certain items that my self-esteem forbids even a try-on... like these adorable frocks from J. Crew:

my hips will have none of this drop waist / tiered gunny sack business... but to all you Twiggy friends out there, please buy and send pics so i can live vicariously through you!


  1. Amen to that. No can do for me either, sadly. Damn genetics for giving me the hips!

    PS: How ironic is it that as I'm typing this I am hearing "Love Story" for the 3rd time today, streaming over from my co-worker's radio?? Aughhh!!!

  2. Wait, I thought those tiered dresses would kind of hide hips???

  3. oh man! twiggy friends. yikes. i'm not one of them, but forward the pictures to me if you see any!

  4. My hips & I are in total agreement with this post, from the fluff interview questions to the dressing for your shape concept. Would that more style sites & magazines took shape into consideration when recommending items.

    Yours in never being able to wear these dresses ever,


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