Tuesday, June 2, 2009

anthro in austin!

while J. Crew and Saks happily indulge my yuppy-side, Anthropologie fills my "sophisticated-smelly-hippie-side" with utter glee! if we're talking in shopping metaphors, Anthro is the Austin in me!

so how exciting that the new catalog features my hometown... my favoritest city... the "Live Music Capital of the World"... Austin, Texas!

while perusing these images on Wiley Valentine, i learned that the letterpress studio Hatch Show Print is the cover collaborator...

... Anthro + Austin + letterpressed music posters?



  1. I just got the catalog in the mail. Is the white sofa towards the back not A-MAZING?! I want everything in there! The gold fringed flats?! I LOVE those too!

  2. love the new catalog. it's gorgeous!

    i just built my dream shopping cart at anthro yesterday... we'll see how that turns out.

  3. That catalog makes me want to shop!

  4. I was just there and I found an adorable black cardigan with white lace. I think it needs me and would love to live in my closet!(A girl can dream right!)

  5. I'm a prep but I love anthropologie, its fun to mix things up sometimes :) Thats too cool the pics were taken in Austin!!

  6. I'd love to visit an Antropologie store one day (none over here!).. the website looks so wonderful!

    LOVE your new look lovely lady!! Especially LOVE the little elephants :)

    Saskia x

  7. YAYAYAYAYAAY Kate!!!! LOVE the new look!!!!!! And the header is fab!

  8. Aw, go Austin. And Anthro, of course - I refer to the store on Lamar as my local shopping mothership.

    LOVE the site redesign, by the way!


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