Sunday, June 21, 2009

cheers to all the padres out there in the world today...

i spent the afternoon in Waco celebrating my own father and grandfather - two men who personify the phrase "active fathering."

my dad has been present -really present - in my life for every minute -

sitting through ballet recitals and choir performances... giddily installing a basketball goal in our driveway when i decided to ditch dance for hoops... sitting through more recitals when basketball (and softball and volleyball) didn't quite "take"...

driving me and my car up to college in North Carolina multiple times... white water rafting, visiting Graceland, seeing the Peabody Ducks, attending a "body art" show in NOLA...

moving me into my first apartment... offering to beat up a boy after my first breakup... giving me my first Zerbert... Saturday Morning Fun Clubs... cutting down Christmas trees... rides in the Green Machine... picking out pound puppies.

Best Dad - love you! Sppplllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech!
~ Chilly

Happy Father's Day!


  1. awww, little kate is adorable! the one where you're in pink sitting next to your dad, uber cute.

  2. Oh how I love childhood photos!

  3. We both are very very fortunate to have the two best dads ever!!

  4. thanks for the memories, Chill...and more: parking lot driver's ed curb jumbing, sky diving, sea turtle chasing in Maui, state fair aerial rides at 40 degrees, watching football games in severe lightening storm, dodging 300 plastic baseballs @ 75 mph. Looking forward to many more. Best Girl...luv u more! splllleeeecccchhhh yo daddy.

  5. How cute are your photos?!?

    Dad's are awesome.


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