Saturday, June 20, 2009

tattoo my wall

so we have a big gaping space over one of our couches that desperately needs filling. except we can't quite agree on a piece of art... and the house decorating budget is about spent, so there's that.

anyone have experience with larger wall decals? i always think they look so cool in pictures but fear they will turn out cheesy. i don't want anything ornate - just something simple and subtle.

decals by The Vinyl Room


  1. I am in the same boat you are in. I love how they look, but am really worried about what they will look like on my walls. They are affordable, and if you get the ones that are easy to remove then if it looks bad it won't require a paint job to get rid of it!

  2. I actually got one to put above my bed and I really like the way it looks, they are inexpensive and don't look cheesy, the ones you found look cute too! Good luck!

  3. I think they look really cute and am thinking of buying some for our bedroom in our new place. I'd say go for it!

  4. laurel over at "a good build" has used these before, so you should check with her. here is a link to one of her recent posts about it.

    oh and here is the one i remember seeing awhile back.

    or you can be the guinea pig and let the rest of us know how it goes. :)

  5. i ordered some from that were pretty easy to put on my wall. im really happy with the way they turned out - it actually looks better than i thought it might. just find designs you like and you should be happy with them. im a big fan of quotes so i ordered some of those.

  6. i'm going to have ditto...we have a huge ass space above our TV also and I have no idea what to put there. i, too, love the look of decals in pics but am afraid of what they might look like on the wall!!


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