Monday, July 6, 2009

First-Annual Fourth Fest!

so, i'm officially the worst party photographer ever... all i managed to get was the set-up and food... and not even the new patio furniture (sorry mom!). i'm just going to blame it on Rachel's delicious sangria (which shall henceforth be known as the "Silent Killer") and the Firefly Sparklers!

hopefully, the pathetic amount of pictures did not correlate to our guests' level of fun because i had an absolute blast just relaxing in the pool!

i had many an inquiry as to the recipe for the Firefly Sparkler Cocktail... it is my own little variation on the Arnold Palmer (who was the keynote speaker at my college graduation - the man, not the beverage - and who advised all the men to go out and get good jobs while the women need to be thinking about starting a family. i'm totally not kidding - that was the theme of his speech. the class before us got Nelson Mandela. but i'm not still bitter or anything). but really, i can't take too much credit for the deliciousness of the end result because i'm pretty sure you could mix firefly vodka with crude oil and it would be scrumptious.

- 2 oz Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka (many companies now brew their own sweet tea vodka... me thinks its best to leave it to the originators but do as you will) - pour over ice into a tumbler
- add two parts lemonade (i used Crystal Light) and one part diet 7-up.
- stir, inhale - er, um, sip - and enjoy!

hope ya'll had a very festive fourth!


  1. MMmMm that sounds delish! I think the carbonation will make a big difference in the taste. And I wouldn't want to be drinking anything by the name of a person who spoke like that at my graduation either!

  2. Yay - thanks for the delish recipe!! I LOVE firefly!!! :)

    I love the pre-party pics you took!! (Hey you did better than me, I got a couple pics of cupcakes and missed EVERYTHING else..oh well!!) :)

  3. excellent 4th of july party. the food, drinks, and company were wonderful! xoxo

  4. I am pretty envious of all the yummy food it looks like you prepared! I love Sangria and your Sparklers sounds delicious!

    As for Mr. Arnold Palmer, you're totally right. He really fails in comparison to Nelson Mandela!

  5. Yum. I think I will making your cocktail this weekend. I am glad your first party by the pool was fabulous. I want to come to the 2nd Annual Party by the Pool at the Cottage.

  6. I'm sure you ladies had a freakin' blast. Totally considering moving to Dallas for next years festivities. =)

  7. everything looks awesome! wish I could have been there.... ;-(

  8. No worries about the photos! That means you were enjoying your own party (a much preferred role) instead of being the party photographer. I'm sure all had a wonderful time!

  9. hmmm this silent killer sounds delish. I will have to try it out. Thanks for the recipe and glad you had a wonderful fourth!


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