Thursday, July 2, 2009

let the games begin!

so excited about our three-day weekend!

today i was able to leave work a little early for a mani/pedi (patriotic, por supuesto!) and to gather some preliminary accoutrements for Kate & Evan's First Anual Fourth Fest!

bright red toesies...

sunflowers - (not posies)...

and Firefly vodka to make us rosy!

tomorrow will be a big day of wedding gift returns, cleaning, grocery shopping, and some cooking for our impromptu mini-blowout on Saturday. also looking forward to Friday Date Night at Suze - its been too long, such busy-bees we are!

more updates tomorrow on preparations for our first party at the cottage!

and now, i'm off to CT! Happy Thursday!


  1. I'm bringing sangria!!!!

    Ummmm I LOVE suze and their lamb bolognese over pasta AND they have a very nice wine pour there!!!!

  2. Love the toes, love the flowers and LOVE the Firefly :)

    Have a great weekend and Happy 4th!

  3. Hope you have a great night :)

    Your toes are too cute! Great color!

  4. Great manicure! I've yet to try the Firefly vodka (they don't sell it near us!), but I'm hoping to try some once we move.

    Have a happy 4th!

  5. Our shelves in the pantry are stocked with Firefly. Yum.

    I hope your party is fantastic!

  6. Firefly vodka is arguably the best thing to come out of the South ever.

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. Firefly Vodka is great, dangerous, but great!

    We happened upon the birthplace of Firefly when we were on vacation in May. They are about to launch a coffee flavored rum that is to DIE FOR. I'm more of a beer girl, but I would drink their rum all by itself. It tastes like an iced coffee. SUPER dangerous!

    Happy 4th of July!

  8. Happy 4th!
    Love the rhyme and everything it consisted of!

  9. like those before me, i have to comment on how flippin' great the Firefly Vodka is. A staple in my personal liquor cabinet.

    have a safe and happy 4th!


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