Friday, July 3, 2009

preparations under way

lots of Fourth Fest-ing today... got a heck of a deal on a patio set at Lowe's... hit up 2 grocery stores... and am determined to use at least 3/4ths of our massive collection of serving pieces!

  • smoked gouda, manchego, extra sharp cheddar + assorted crackers
  • CM's homemade guacamole
  • chipotle salsa / green tomatillo salsa
  • roasted rosemary red potato "fries"
  • grilled zuccini, summer squash and bell pepper
  • grilled sweet corn on the cob
  • burgers / blackbean burgers
  • deconstructed berry pie triffle
  • Miller Lite, Shiner Blonde and Firefly Sparkler Cocktails

can't wait!

now off to pretty up for date night! Happy Friday!


  1. I'm pretty sure I want to come to your place for 4th of July. You are going to have quite the spread tomorrow and I'm feeling a little envious!

  2. Wow!! Sounds like a real feast! Great way to celebrate your first July 4th as married folks. I'm sure it will be a very cool party and I can't wait to see pics, including the new patio furniture!

  3. other than the great sweet tea vodka what is in the firefly sparkler? it sounds like something i would like. mostly because there is sweet tea involved

  4. Looks like fun! And your menu is making me hungry!

  5. Your menu sounds delicious!! Happy 4th!

  6. Can't believe we couldn't make it to the part-ay. Sounds amazing!

    I basically hid out in a dark apartment all weekend because of the migraine but I'm all better now. Too bad today's not the Fourth... Hope the party went well!

  7. Hope you had soooo much fun! It sounds fantastic!


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