Thursday, July 30, 2009

things i think about

i love horror movies and thrillers. like, love. like, pink-puffy-heart-with-glitter-and-rainbow-sprinkles love. i mean, if you can find another girl who loves rosettes, bubbly and Hannibal Lector as much as i do, i'll smother you in cupcakes.

but seriously? seriously? Final Destination FOUR? {oh excuse me, THE Final Destination} is that really necessary? were the first 3 Final Destinations that mind-blowing that a 4th was warranted?

is FD destined to be our generation's Halloween?

how many times can a psychic teenager and his or her gaggle of friends cheat death? and just how many freakin' psychic teenagers are there? and why are they always hanging around faulty airplanes / roller coasters / logging trucks / NASCAR races? shouldn't they be predicting the answers to the SAT or playing bookie at High School football games or something more productive?

and what the hell ever happened to Devon Sawa? i loved me some Devon Sawa when i was in fifth grade. did you know that if you pause Now & Then at just the right moment, you can almost see his junk?**

anyhoo, at least i'll have Shutter Island - thank gawd for Scorsese and Leo!

**please do not ask me how many hours it took my 12 year old self to figure out what just that right moment was - a horny little tween was i, i tell you.


  1. BWHAHAHAHHA! I did the exact same thing with Now & Then!!! Except I am pretty sure that was Devon Sawa and not Leo.

    Shutter Island looks really good but I am terrified of scary movies so that poses a bit of a problem for me.

  2. Wikipedia says Devon Sawa is working on some new films, yay!

  3. I loved Casper, mainly because of Devon Sawa, haha! Geez louise, the first Final Destination was so flipping terrible I can't believe they're up to four now, barf.

  4. Oh Devon Sawa! Sigh!
    Did you alsp pause the Disney movies to hear or see the little messages? Totally did that over and over.

    And have you seen the trailor for that scary Hawaii movie? Yikes!

  5. Devon Sawa was the best! I figured out where that part in Now and Then was when I was younger too!

  6. better move over girlfriend, devon sawa is MINE! i think i probably broke my remote control with my attempt at pausing.

    here's to hoping now and then never goes HD...

  7. Mmmm...I think I love you. I'm a horror/thriller movie whore myself. But, I won't bother with The Final Destination. The first was good and the 2nd was sub-par.

    Just saw Funny Games, the remake with Naomi Watts. Twisted and weird.


  8. AMEN to final destination and they completely ripped off the first one in its entirety. LAME.

    But give em some Shutter Island!!!

  9. I was not aware of this next installment in the Final Destination epic, I mean tragedy. I liked the first one and then I was done. I really can't take much more of the cheating death thing.

  10. Omg, I used to love Devon Sawa - also in Casper? Hah. I feel the same way about Saw (why, are there 6 now?) that you do about FD? I thought the guy died? I had to stop after 3.

  11. i had to break my lurker-dom to comment! i'm a total horror movie freak. i only have one friend who actually enjoys going with me!

    i prefer the bad ones like final destination though. i can't wait for this terribly cheesy new one. and shutter island!

    and the new halloween is the Saw series, by far. :)

  12. Oh my gosh! My friends and I used to pause Now and Then on that exact part and put it in slow motion during slumber parties!!! Hilarious...

    But I loved me some Devon Sawa in Casper too :) I used to watch that movie constantly just to get to the end!

  13. hahaha!!! I seriously thought I was the only one that knew that Now and Then trick! I actually got in trouble in school for bragging about how I found that. Oh puberty.. You're a nasty little biatch.

  14. Niiiicce. Mine was Ghostbusters. I was apparently obsessed with Dan Aykroyd and his tightie-whities. Kind of gross...Moving on.

    We just watched My Bloody Valentine in 3D in our media room/home theatre. Terrible movie, great eye candy (looove me some Jensen!)

    What about The Descent? Def cheeseball but kind of creepy with that tingle of claustophobia while they crawl through the caves.


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