Wednesday, July 1, 2009

update / need now

Rosette-Gate Update: director remains silent but very wary of my headgear. whilst grabbing my lunch in the kitchen, he kept darting glances at my noggin and clearing his throat nervously. i'm pretty sure he thinks that if he says anything, i will either (a) cry or (b) threaten some sort of gender-discrimination suit. while neither option would enter my mind, cheers to my headband for giving me the upperhand... at least when it comes to female office fashion.

next up...

{Tory Burch - here}

for my half-birthday, perhaps? or even my very merry unbirthday? or just because i'm kinda cute?

Husband! do you hear me? or did you see the outline of a tote bag and immediately revert back to WSJ or Baylor Fans dot com (or possibly actual work because you are much more industrious than me)? come back! gift me a sunny, elephant-laden handbag! i'll make pie!


  1. Oh I just love it!!

    You totally need it!! :)

  2. You know, if you consider your blog a personal business venture, wouldn't a bag bearing your (kindasortamaybe) logo then just be a form of advertising, and thus totally become a tax write-off?

  3. I love that bag.


    I hope someone buys it for you! Then I can live vicariously through you.

  4. Love that bag! And I love your blog! Just found it and I'm so excited!

  5. Love the update on the headband and love you wore it to work!!

    You def need that bag its adorable :)

  6. I was totally lusting for that bag too, but I have had two bad Tory Burch experiences, so I'm boycotting right now.

  7. yup... you definitely need that bag!


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