Thursday, August 6, 2009

estoy cansada

last night, 50+ half naked women hopped around my bedroom.

unfortunatly for Evs, i did not make like an Ivy-Leaguer and throw a Naked Party. nope, all this scantily-clad revelry was dedicated solely to the quest for the perfect pair of jeans.

a full shindig report (also entitled "How I Turned My Cottage into Filene's Basement") coming atcha on Monday, along with a couple great giveaways, so stay tuned to your monitors!

yes. yes. yes. a cop-out, i know. but i'm tired, dudettes. it takes a lot to feed rabid, swag-happy women. and to make sure that they don't ring your coffeetable with their Firefly Sparklers (i am officially my mother's daughter as of last night: "use a coaster, for the love of all things holy!"). and we have 3 freakin' fabulous houseguests this weekend that are going to expect clean sheets and towels and maybe even a bed that doesn't have "GAP: Born to Shop" M&Ms strewed amidst the pillows (although, that could be fun, maybe?).

so yeah. i'm a big, bad, tired blogger today. and therefore, i shall distract you will pretty ruffles:

{etsy seller lirola}

happy almost-TGIF, lovelies!


  1. I totally understand! My party was last night too and I am so tired today!!

  2. Very cool ruffles--can't wait for the full report of the party, and I'm SO glad to hear that you are officially your mother's daughter!XO

  3. our party kicked my ass but thank you for hosting!!! it was so much fun!

  4. So fun- I can't wait for the full report, and outcome of jean mission! I heart that ruffled dress so much.

    On that embellished note, check out the vintage dress I found in parents' attic- its right up your alley- the bottom third is completely rosette'd.

  5. Love love those ruffles!! Can't wait till Monday to hear all about the jeans adventure!

  6. Consider me distracted! Love the ruffles.

  7. Princeton has a predilection for nudity as well, some of Danny's stories make my head spin. Weird ivy league kids. Can't wait to see you!!!

  8. I'm easily distracted by ruffles--oh, look--pretty!

  9. Oooooh! This party sounds fun!

    A distraction by ruffles...well played.


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