Monday, August 31, 2009

sunday supper

do ya'll read Sunday Suppers? if not, you should! no further endorsement needed as i think you'll see why the minute you click over and read the "About Us" and feast your eyes on Karen Mordechai's photographs (and yes, pun-intended). just another reason i wish we lived in NYC...

anyhoo, here in Dallas we've been granted a reprieve from the oppressive Texas summer heat. this weekend greeted us with temperatures barely topping 90 - downright chilly in August! Evs, the Boom and i celebrated with a nice long training walk through old Highland Park (sparking many an old-home-buying-daydream) and along the Katy Trail. we also hit up the Angelika for wine, popcorn and Inglorious Bastards = love! Tarantino is a longstanding favorite of mine and his latest did not disappoint. not sure if the Bastards beat out Kill Bill 2 as my favorite QT flick, but if not, its a close second. go see!

{i also bought these pj pants from Target and i'm never taking them off. n-e-v-e-r. i will be buried in these pants and my two-toned C. Lous. and a rosette headband. and my elephant bangle from India. but mostly: The Pants.}

where were we? oh. yes. i was recapping my weekend and you were pretending to be bewitchingly intrigued. such good readers you are! but in an effort to save you from enduring a series of haikus enunciating how much i hate working on Sunday and/or another Teen Beat-esque blubbering on Justin Bieber, let's move on to Sunday Supper a la Casa de H!

Spicy Tacos with Plum Tomatoes, Chiles, and Spicy Cheese

i dreamed up a variation on this recipe last week to accommodate the ridiculous amount of cherry and plum tomatoes that i feel compelled to purchase every. damn. week. as summer draws to a close. it was such an easy success that i decided to modify it with some of my precious Hatch chiles... still a winner! stuff the leftover meat and some cheese into a pita and toast for a delicious leftovers-lunch.

  • 1lb ground meat (i use 96% lean beef or buffalo)
  • 1 packet of taco seasoning (i like the spicy variety)
  • 1/2 c. water
  • 3/4 c. chopped green chiles (if you live in Texas - get thee to Central Market and stock up on roasted Hatch chiles - if not, canned will do the trick)
  • 1 c. (or more!) of halved plum tomatoes
  • generous dash of chile powder
  • salt and pepper to taste (+ red pepper flakes if you like extra kick)
  • flour tortillas
  • shredded pepper-jack cheese
  • crumble and brown the meat over med-high heat; drain and rinse under cold water to get rid of all excess fat, then put the meat back in pan.
  • add the water, taco seasoning, and chile powder to the meat and bring to a boil; stir in the green chiles and reduce heat to medium / med-low.
  • salt and pepper / stir occasionally
  • when very little liquid remains in the pan, add the sliced plum tomatoes - continue to cook on med-low for about 2-3 more minutes.
  • warm tortillas in a pan or by microwaving for 10 seconds. add the filling and shred pepper-jack cheese over the top to melt.
  • enjoy!


  1. Spicy tacos sound really good. Tacos are a favorite around here and a little kick could be a great addition. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved Inglourious Basterds! I wasn't sure that I would like Brad Pitt in the role but he was great.

  3. I adore Sunday Suppers. I'm always so excited when there's a new post so I can daydream I'm at those tables. They've been a Freckled Crush from the start!

  4. I am excited to try this recipe - we eat mexican a lot, but I get bored of the few recipes I use. This sounds yummy!

  5. I'm having an issue lately with wanting to cook a lot and try new recipes which leads to eating a lot and trying new sizes. Not good. Thoughts?

  6. We are LOVING the cooler, fallish weather in the panhandle! The spicy tacos sound yummy! I haven't been over to Sunday Suppers, but will head over there now.

  7. I love pj pants from target I cannot go into that store without buying a new pair!

  8. i wish i could hide in your kitchen on sundays and secretly pick food off the counters.

    or i could just bring over some sangria and eat with you? maybe? someday?

  9. yum! didn't read it before, but i'm adding it now! thanks!

    we liked inglourious basterds, too. definitely had to shield my face from the scalping scenes, but other than that i was able to handle the tarantino.

  10. Those tacos sound delish! I'm definitely going to have to try this recipe.

    Its crazy how chilly our August has been here in TN. June was ridiculously hot and now I'm not even stressed about sweat stains on my dress for the opening day of college football season, weird really!


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