Sunday, September 20, 2009

{insert catchy title here}

and here we are - another Sunday night, another glass of red, another round of "DVR Alone-Time with Kate & Boom." make that "DVR Alone-Time with Kate, Boom & Cute Little Pumpkins!" yes dearies... above: Fall Decor: Revealed! yes, i know - just call me Martha... Step 1: peruse Tom Thumb produce section; Step 2: fork over $4.59; Step 3: scatter pun'kins about. done and done.

onward with the recap!

Friday: lazy-wine-night watching The Bucket List - which makes me happy just because (a) Evs DVR'd it specifically for us to watch together and he's never in the mood to watch a full movie at home, and (b) Jack Nicholson totally reminds me of my dad which is always a good thing (unless i'm 11 and watched The Shining without permission and wouldn't let my dad kiss me goodnight for like 2 weeks for fear he would yell "Heeeeeeeere's Johnny!" and try to axe my head off... true story).

Saturday: road-trip to The Wack for the Baylor game... tailgating = fun! game = let's not speak of it. BUT there was Cathay House! and Mama J & Daddy Jim's house! and Boomer crapping and vomiting due to her nervous stomach! hmmmm, maybe not that last one...

Sunday: scoured the Cottage, Cinderella-style. then managed to purchase $350 worth of Pottery Barn framer's gallery frames for $32... thank gawd for gift certificates! The Gallery /slash/ several-mini-galleries is /slash/ are officially underway!

Operation Gallery Display: featuring Lacquer Wood Gallery Frames (in black) and Wood Gallery Frames (in black and espresso stain). hitting up Michael's later this week for some custom-cut mats and larger frames. since we don't have a staircase or a hall deep enough to appreciate a photo gallery, i decided on a mini-gallery in our living room (below), another mini-gallery in our bedroom, and then a large shelf display over our couch (these on order / to look like this).

{thoughts on the mini-gallery?}

and one of my new favorite editions - in our kitchen:

and to round out Sunday: The September Issue + La Duni with two of my Dallas favorites! which brings us full circle... Glee, pinot noir, and a cuddly terrier-face! even though tomorrow's Monday, you have to love a Sunday!


  1. Nice work... we have yet to print a single wedding photo. Although since I got married two months after you, that means I have two more months to fill my frames in wait, right? Good.

  2. We started and failed our gallery wall last weekend. At this point, I feel like our wedding is ancient history and can't even be on the gallery wall.

  3. LOVE mini-galleries. I am trying to collect enough pictures to do one myself!

  4. Love that you did not pick the orange pumpkins. Very you!

  5. First - love the peacock pillow from PB...I sadly missed out on this pillow because I waited too long. Second - your gallery pics are beautiful! Third - how was the September issue?

  6. Looking forward to seeing the finished product. So far so good!

    And I've also put up a festive display-- now all you need is a festive accessory for The Boom!

  7. I think the mini-gallery looks great! I love all of your wedding pictures.

  8. i am DYING...DYYYING to buy 100 pumpkins immediately if not sooner.

  9. love the mini gallery wall! and your photos (as usual!) are amazing. i so need to get my butt in gear on mine..

  10. love the mini gallery - and we've registered for the carafe. i hope we get it *fingers crossed*

    also, my word verification for this comment is "lamebear", which i think is appropriate, given baylor's performance.

  11. sooo i know you've been thinking of an alternative career in writing.

    what about home decorating? i will gladly be your first client!! i love the mini-galleries.

    ps: finally caught up on your ead living posts and must say you should whore those posts out a bit more often. unless i somehow missed a post here about those stellar rings on etsy...

  12. I love that we have the same live what you love picture and mine is in a black frame too! :) The gallery looks great. I love the wedding pictures you chose to display.


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