Tuesday, September 1, 2009

its the most wonderful time of the year

Evs has been whistling, humming, belting out this little ditty for almost the past two weeks. and while i am somewhat of an 8 year old when it comes to getting excited about the holidays waaaaay too early, the caroling before Labor Day is taking it a bit too far, even in my book.

so what of my jolly hubs?

did he happen into Michael's and exit brainwashed by their seasonally inappropriate inventory?


did he take Buddy the Elf's advice to heart {the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loudly for all to hear!}?


3 words for you: College. Football. Season.

yes my pretties, Saturday marks the beginning of Evs' "Christmas." and while i think its total bullshit that his Christmas lasts almost 5 mo. and mine only lasts a day, i'm also looking forward to busting out all of my burnt orange / black and gold / green and gold garb and cracking open a beer to cheer for the Horns / the Deacs / the Bears.

just like any Texas or Southern (because if you're a native Texan or Southerner, you know they're different) gal worth her salt, there is a special place in my heart for high school and college football (NFL = bleh). as a kid growing up, Fridays were Westlake High School games and Saturdays were UT games. in college, my friends and i would spend Saturdays donning our cutest black and gold outfits, drinking beer with boys in bow ties at the tailgate, and finish out the day watching the Big 12 or SEC games at Putters or Freddie B's.

and now, by the sacred rite of marriage, i have adopted another team to root for - and while i grumbled at the prospect of purchasing season football tickets for a school that is located 100 miles south of Dallas, i'm now much looking forward to hanging out at George's Tent and watching the homecoming parade.

and of course, just to make things interesting, the College Football Holiday Season kicks off in our house with a doozy... 2 p.m. CST this Saturday: Wake Forest Demon Deacons vs. Baylor Bears.

we will be watching from separate locales. because along with one of my favorite mottos {"Happy Couples Fly"}, Happy Couples Also Do Not Watch Their Alma Matters Battle It Out Together.

Hook 'Em!

Go Deacs!

Sick 'Em, Bears (but not the Deacs, don't sick them!)


  1. Love this tribute to college football. I noticed you stuck a few Hyline favorites in the post as well. We are very excited to cheer on our Georgia Bulldogs this weekend. We will be cheering from the beautiful white sand of the Florida Beach. Brad has his game day outfit all picked out. Of course Hudson will be wearing his Jersey. GO DAWGS and I hope the Demon Deacons pull out the big win! Sorry Evs - I still love you!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with the competing alma mater rule. I definitely need to institute that when UGA and Tennessee play each other 1st weekend of October.

    I think that will help marital relations for sure!

  3. yes, don't sick the Deacons, Bears...

  4. I love it that you point out there is a difference between a Texan and a southerner, completely true!

    We too are a college football household, and especially since Preppy Boyfriend played football in college, and I was a college athlete as well... the loyalty and rivalries run deep in our house!

    This is the last football season for the remaining members of Preppy Boyfriends football team from senior year, so you know we are ordering all of the ESPN gameday college football packages and extra options, can't miss a single one of the guys plays!

  5. Ah I love football season and you make a cute longhorn :) THOUGH I am a SC fan, I forgive you :)

    Have fun breaking out the gear!

  6. Try season tickets to a team 500 miles away (and we make every home game). Fight on!

  7. Football is definitely my fave season ever! So excited for Saturday :)

  8. Awww you were @ the Rose Bowl for the USC defeat by Texas! All of my friends were there but I had to be away on biz trip. I cried after that game. Seriously. But it was a good game. Hopefully my Trojans can still work some magic this year!

    Cute pics! Clearly I love College Football too.

  9. How weird is it that 3 SC fans posted within an hour?!

    (I was at that horrible Rose Bowl game too.)

  10. I'm kind of shocked Mr. A allowed us to go on vacation for the first UT game. Can't wait for Bears vs. Longhorns!

  11. Yay for football season! Enjoy your first games:-)

  12. My BF and I have been arguing about the dominance of the ACC vs the Big Ten lately...it's going to be a long season. I'm always amazed that Texans think of VA as "up north" haha, it's a whole different state of mind.

  13. I *love* football season! Being an SEC gal, I'm all about tailgating as early as possible, and dressing up in cute outfits to match the boys in ties! I loved football season at Auburn, and try to recreate it every Saturday during fall! I put on my jersey, turn on College Gameday, and yell as loud as I can at the TV! :)

    Happy Football Season!! War Eagle! :)

  14. That is going to be a crazy way to kick off the football season for you guys! Wise choice watching it from separate locations!

  15. This was too cute of a post! I can't imagine being married to a rival--good luck!! :)

  16. Good for you sister. Your husband i bet loves you more than mine loves me. Football is a dirty word to me and B has said that all Saturdays have been irrelevant thus far. We have issues.

  17. Love this.

    The NFL is full of thugs, but I LOVE me some college football. Last year the fiancee's alma mater and mine went head to head. It wasn't pretty (mainly because my alma mater isn't very good and neither is S's, but I knew his team had a chance and I am a sore loser)...but my team won in the end.

  18. It *is* a wonderful time of the year. LOVE Freddie B's! (FYI-new bar opened in its place called "The Last Resort") We're headed to Groves Stadium this weekend for the game! Go Deacs!

  19. Its hurting my eyes!!! Its hurting my eyes!!!
    I cannot look at that horns shirt any longer!!!!!!! (go SOONERS)

    you know I still love ya!

  20. I cannot wait for Saturday. Seriously cannot wait.


    A non-football fan begrudgingly married to a diehard highschool-college-NFL-ANY-TYPE-OF-FOOTBALL fan. Cry.

  22. DIT to the TO. NFL= Bleh!!! Who cares?!

    We've got a Thursday kickoff and we're pumped! Yippee!

  23. oh college football. My poor mustangs. maybe this will be the year we win more than one game?


    probably not

  24. oh thank you Jesus for college football.

  25. i'm from massachusetts. i love the longhorns. no one knows why. don't mess with texas, i say.

  26. I thought of this post this past Saturday morning when my Hubs could not stop singing "It's beginning to feel a lot like GAMEDAY". Repeatedly. Hee.


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