Monday, October 12, 2009

mixed bag monday

first, an Open Letter...

Dear Mr. Williams and Mr. Sonoma:***

two weeks ago, you sent me an enticing email invitation to a Knife Skills Class, described as such:

"Keep your knife skills sharp - this class will cover everything from the essential knives and cuts to specific knife functions, such as making garlic paste, slicing ginger, and creating simple garnishes.  Learn which style of knife matches your cutting style, along with the basics of knife care and maintenance."

AWESOME!  we have these kick-ass knives and now i'm all "oooo look at me!  i love to cook!  its totally freeing and therapeutic!" but... BUT.  i'm a little afraid of my knives - its that whole "with great power comes great responsibility," Peter Parker Thing.  so off i went this morning to hone my Skillzzzz... i even had the most perfect "I'm Going to a Cooking Class in Highland Park Village" outfit - i was full-on ready to chop my heart out.

yeah.  not so much.

wait for it... They. Did. Not. Let. Us. Touch. A. Knife.

i chopped nothing.  i julienned nothing.  i touched no carbon, no steel, no ceramic.

what i DID do was listen to a stuffy bitch with a heinous silver pineapple necklace talk about how awesome she is / not answer anyone's questions with a direct answer. oh! and i learned the recipe for a solution that Oprah swears will rinse all pesticides from your veggies. listen lady, i'm not here to discover how that narcissistic hag's personal chef washes produce - i'm here to get the KNIFE SKILLZ.

so, Willy!***  Sonny!*** what have we learned today?  one, Homegirl Knife Lady needs to dice her up some prunes and take a chill pill, STAT.  two, for future reference, please learn the difference between "class" and "demonstration."

Much Appreciated,
~ K

***actually, its just Mr. Williams, in Sonoma, CA... because - unlike actual knife skills - i did learn the history of Williams-Sonoma's humble beginnings.

two, my Fall Tablescape, revealed!

i'm not usually a gal that has "tablescapes" (and admittedly, this one really isn't anything to write home about), but i just couldn't resist taking one of these Fairytale Pumpkins home with me from Whole Foods!

placemats and napkins - World Market
"H" monogrammed napkin rings - Pottery Barn
fairytale pumpkin - Whole Foods

yes, i know - i'm no Martha... but i was pretty pumped that one of my two sets of placemats is fall-appropriate orange!

three... woo hoo Gallery Time!

you may recall my last thoughts on creating a photo gallery in the cottage... yeah, well, as is my super-fun-for-Evs-to-deal-with nature, i changed my mind!  narrow hallway be-damed, i now have my big gallery!  i mixed wedding photos with some of our e-pics, baby pics, one of my bridals, and some travel shots.  i think (hope, hope, hope) i achieved a nice mix / got my wedding photo fix without overdoing it.

but what of the Greece shots?

now a permanent fixture in our bedroom, along with another mini gallery built around a set of three framed photos i gave Evs for our 1 year anniversary and a Mexican ceramic cross i've had for ages (which i am currently very unsure about and will probably replace... i'm not a big "HERE IS MY RELIGION ON MY WALL (or my neck)" person... thus, i much prefer this laying on a shelf).

that's all i gots, peeps!  Happy Monday! 


  1. Okay that's it. I don't care if people will say I have too many wedding pics up... I am totally doing a gallery (love the travel pics mixed in too!). Thank you for the screw-what-they-think inspiration!

  2. I was so annoyed about how your WS class went down I was even telling T about it last night. That is bullshit - and I normally love all things WS, but I am calling them out here!

    Like I've told you - I really dig the classes at Sur la Table. They're a little bit pricey, but you get a shopping discount while you're there. And most importantly, you actually LEARN things! The knife class there completely changed my approach in the kitchen - the single best investment I ever made for myself. You spend over an hour with a knife IN YOUR HAND, you find the right knife for you, you go through several different techniques as a class, and then you're quizzed with one-on-one guidance from the instructor.

    GO, KATE, GO!

    (you'll thank me after the fact, I promise)

  3. Looove the fairytale pumpkin! The extent of my fall "decorating" so far = a pumpkin scented candle next to my TV, now paired with one of those little mini pumpkins courtesy of the MIL. Maybe she knows I fail at decor?

  4. I've learned the hard way that the WS classes are never what you think they are going to be. Unless, it has chocolate in the title. Then go, because you will get to taste delectable treats!

  5. I didn't know that Sur la Table had classes! That may be something I do in the near future.
    Also, I don't know much about the Central Market classes but I know they have a knife skills class as well, I have been thinking about taking it for a while. My weekly sliced fingers are begging me!

  6. Did you pay for this class? I would ask for a refund if you did. I help teach a kinife skills class at Central market and there you actually chop, dice, julienne and cook dinner with what you've cut. And, they let you try other knives to see which is the best fit for your hand. I would HIGHLY reccomend that class.

    Oh, and I have those knives too and LOVE them! But, I did add the smaller chef's knife since the large one felt too big for my hands.

  7. dude, i need you to whip my apartment into shape when you come to visit!!! your home is so festive!!! mine is so NOT!

  8. love your gallery walls. must stop being lazy and complete mine!

  9. Love the fairytale pumpkin! Reminds me that I need to go to our local pumpkin patch ASAP!

    And the picture gallery is great! You did good, lady!

  10. okay WS, complete and total bull shit. You fucking made a garnish! a garnish! NOT TO MENTION they LIED on the advertisement of the class. I would be getting my money back ASAP and high-tailing it over to the Viking Cooking School or Sur la Table.


  11. Photo galleries look awesome! Can't wait to see it all in person!

  12. Could you come do MY gallery wall? Perhaps after we take a knife skills class?

  13. sorry the WS experience sucked!

    your walls look awesome! loving them!


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