Monday, November 2, 2009

the what-ifs + fun stuff

I'm pretty sure everyone has their "what-ifs"... for some, its that high school sweetheart; for others, its the missed audition or the foible in the last play of the last minute of the last game.

For me, New York City will remain my life's "one that got away."  The city's magic has resonated in me since I was ten years old - when my grandparents braved the Blizzard of '93 to introduce me to Carnegie Deli, Phantom of the Opera, and FAO Schwartz.  I've visited many times since - each trip less touristy than the last - each departure a little bit harder as I realize more and more that I'll always be a visitor in this city.  New York is my own personal biological clock... instead of Baby, Baby, Baby, it ticks Adventure, Adventure, Adventure - or, maybe, Youth, Youth, Youth.  Like all "what-ifs," its not the thing itself (NYC could have been Paris or Chicago or London or Barcelona) but the wondering... what life would be like if you'd taken the other fork in the road.

I think living life with "no regrets" is a state of positive, productive thinking, rather than a reality.  I have regrets - many of them, large and small - some wrong turns I would correct if I could, some I wouldn't.  Dwelling on them is unhealthy.  Accepting them as teensy parts of the person I am is difficult, but necessary.  But refusing to allow them to pigeon hole me into cubby where I know down to my toes I don't belong is the most important of all.

Okay.  Robert Frost Moment: Completed.  Now on to mustaches, bananas, and fabulous, fabulous friends!

Friday Night Out

Snuggilicious After-Party

'Nana Thriller

Brunch with Marc

Being Touristy

Pre-Bash Bash!

Our Hosts, Millitini and Caesar!

Yay for Lulu (and a very dashing Ryan)!

I'll break here to say how ridiculously excited I was to meet Lulu and how ridiculously awesome she is in person - the evening chatting with her flew by and was over much too soon for my liking!

GoTo Group Halloween Bash

Enormous thank yous, hugs, and sloppy kisses to Millitini and D for planning the perfect 48 hour NYC jaunt... My episodes with the What-Ifs are severely lessened with so many wonderful friends scattered across the US!


  1. YOU CAN STILL MOVE HERE ;-) we absolutely loved having you and sailor evs here. it was much too short, as weekends with all of us always are. p.s. those pictures of me in my costume with the fat rolls--ugh. i should have had spanx on instead of the fat squeezing gladiator leggings. oh well, lesson learned.

  2. oh it looks SO fun! and so jealous you got to meet dear Lulu! you look adorable, by the way. loving the make up!

  3. Love, love, love the flapper girl get-up! Looking quite foxy, if I do say so myself!

  4. Ugh. Totally jealous. Looks like you ladies (and of course the gents too) had a blast!

  5. I say move to NYC! I'm so jealous of your weekend, I need to get there ASAP! Your costume was super cute too.

  6. This made me SOOO happy and SOOO sad at the same time! I would DIE if you lived here, it would be teh best. thing. ever. I cannot tell you how much fun I had this weekend- I absolutely adore you! thank you for letting me kidnap your convo time for so much of the party :) I think you are just the cat's pajamas.

    I really hope I get to see you again very, very, VERY soon!
    Big xoxo!

  7. I <3 NYC & Carnegie deli is the best deli I have ever been to! Your costumes were cute!! Halloween is such a fun holiday.

  8. oh my goodness, why have I never been a banana for Halloween?!

  9. you look so different with longer hair! i remember when you cut it off (i believe you called it a soccer mom look lol), but i forgot how pretty it is long! also- major cute costume.

  10. I'm coming out of lurker status today! I know how you feel about NYC! My husband and I long to live there, but unfortunately our home is in Seattle. It looks like you had a fabulous weekend away in New York!

    P.S. I love reading your blog!

  11. So much fun to look at pictures and see all the good times you had. Perhaps I might be jealous. One note, your hair looks fabulous! I don't know why it stood out to me, but it did and it looks amazing!

    Also, so jealous you met lulu! and go to hang out with milltini :) Your halloween outfit is super cute too. You and evs are cute as well.

    Enough cuteness for me. back to work.

  12. GAHHHHHHHHHHH, it looks like you had so much fun! AND Evs and his mustache? HILARIOUS!!!!

    But at least we are going there in August!

  13. Talk about confusion when I am reading my favorite blog this morning only to see my friend from DC in NY with you! Actually I thought it was just a coincidence, but it has been confirmed. Talk about a small world! I feel famous for knowing your friend, ha! And by association you must be cool in real life:)

  14. Super fun! And can I just say that Ev's cracks me up. The snuggly blanket - too funny.

  15. Chicago and Honolulu are my "what-ifs" - my husband had job offers from firms in both. But, Hawaii had little to offer in the area of public interest law (my career choice) and was too far from home (the mid-Atlantic coast). Chicago - I worried about the cold. Seems so silly now and wish I had jumped at one or the other. I am glad to be near family now that we have kids but still wish we'd spent a few years somewhere else. After all, you can always go home. Now I live vicariously through a NYC friend of mine - artist/set/costume designer and DJ/music produced husband. Looks like a wonderful trip!

  16. I've got a similar post about living elsewhere that's been cooking in my brain for a bit...

  17. Oh, love this post. NYC is also my "what if". I fell in love with the city during a visit when I was 16, and I've been itching to go back. I beg Husband all the freaking time. He, sadly, has no interest in going...which means I'll have to go visit again by myself, if I must. ;)

    The pictures are hysterical. It looks you had a blast!

  18. Oh NYC... I feel the same way about her as you do.. But at least you have great friends up there to chill with and have amazing times with! Looks like you all had a blast!! Your hair looks awesome and you and Evs are too cute!

  19. I have a wondering about NYC too, a big what if. Your time there looks so much fun, and how wonderful that you could meet up with all the lovely blogging ladies! And I do appreciate your Robert Frost moments here, I often find myself nodding and saying "me too". Thanks for that!


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