Monday, January 4, 2010

don't you love it when you make a resolution about wanting to write and then can't even think of a stinkin' post topic for 4 whole days?

Yeah.  Me too.

Tomorrow... A tale in which I get shat on by a governmental agency.  At which I hope you will laugh, even at my expense.


  1. It's okay - I resolved to take my vitamins every day, and just started taking them yesterday. In other news, I got a yellow 'Live what you love' print for Christmas! Thanks for the idea:)

  2. Same resolution over here. Same writers block. I finally broke down and blogged about my weekend which I have to say is a less than interesting post... boo.

  3. I got on a roll of writing and posting for the past 4 days of the New Year. Now, day 5, and I'm feeling pressure, but I've got NOTHING!

    Can't wait to read yours though.

  4. Eeks someone went a little crazy on the symbols. BUT I have the same problem. 2010 = nothing to write about. UGH.


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